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WOW-Full-Coin CAMERA.jpgThe following is a list of truly spectacular varieties. Some are readily available, some are quite difficult to locate, but ALL are "slam dunk" easy to attribute! Complete this set and you'll own one VERY impressive VAM "type set"!

  1. 1878-P VAM-9 or 1878-P VAM-9A - Visually nothing special, but these are the first dies used to make Morgans!!! That HAS to be WOW!!
  2. 1878-P VAM-14.4A - Realizing this MEGA mirrored reverse is solely caused by a concave reverse die puts all questions to rest!
  3. 1878-P VAM-23 - Crazy Lips obverse doubling. The doubling is sweet, plus it is often found with PL surfaces.
  4. 1878-P VAM-41B - This coin is packed with WOW factor! Nice STRONG 7/7 TFs feature to go along with BIG TIME die clashing!
  5. 1878-S VAM-18 or 1878-S VAM-18A - "Spaghetti Wings" The workers at the San Francisco Mint made numerous and widely varied attempts to "fill in" polished areas on the eagle's wings. This one is among the most bizarre!
  6. 1878-S VAM-19, 1878-S VAM-19A or 1878-S VAM-19B - This is likely proof that acid can do strange things to your head.
  7. 1878-S VAM-27 - One of the more available "long nock" B1 reverses (though ALL are difficult to locate), this coin also features an obvious and strangely broken D in DOLLAR, along with a broken N in UNITED. The 78s long nocks are notoriously tough to attribute, but this one is a piece of cake.
  8. 1878-S VAM-36 - "Dragon Scales" Another bizarre attempt by SF Mint workers to fill in the gaps in the eagle's wings. See also VAM-36A, VAM-36B and 1878-S VAM-113
  9. 1878-CC VAM-6 - Major doubling of Liberty's leaves! This is one of several 78-CCs that have this feature, but the VAM-6 also boasts a MM that is set extremely far to the right, making it a slam dunk to attribute.
  10. 1880-P VAM-1A2 - "Knobbed 8" Big old die break on the first 8 of the date, big old die gouge on the wreath bow on the reverse. VAMs don't get much easier to attribute than this!
  11. 1880-P VAM-25B or 1880-P VAM-25C - Two completely separate clash episodes on the same pair of dies and both are truly incredible!
  12. 1880-P VAM-39A - So you found that big old die gouge mentioned for V1A, but your coin has die clashing? You got a tough "E" clash Morgan!
  13. 1880-O VAM-49 - 8/7 spikes on the obverse, serious die gouge on the eagle's right (viewer's left) tail feather. The obverse has its own spot on the Top 100 and the reverse has its own spot on the Top100... now that's worthy of a WOW!!
  14. 1881-S VAM-1B - Die chip on wing looks like a silver nugget!
  15. 1881-S VAM-54B - Ever had a split chicken breast? Same thing, but with the eagle!
  16. 1881-O VAM-1D - Hard to find, but when you see one you KNOW you found something cool!
  17. 1881-O VAM-33B - Doubled ear is fun, but the MAJOR clashing will make you say "WOW!"
  18. 1882-CC VAM-2D or 1882-CC VAM-2E - Where to begin! Obverse of the VAM-2E has clashed I and US, counter-clashing, gouges and die breaks. The reverse has the famous "winged L" and O gouge along with numerous layers of clashing... WOW! The VAM-2D is its equal, minus the letter clash, and both are TOUGH!
  19. 1882-O VAM-17B - Cracks, breaks, clashing, die scratches, extra metal... this is one BUSY variety!
  20. 1882-O VAM-38B - A nice clash combined with a BIG reverse break and an obverse radial crack!
  21. 1883-O VAM-1C - The buffed reverse makes it seem as though you're staring into a pool of water!
  22. 1885-P VAM-1D - I know this can be spotted with a naked eye, that's how I realized I had one!
  23. 1885-O VAM-25A - Listed for two breaks, but this obverse is ALL cracked up!
  24. 1886-P VAM-1C - Incredible rotation on multiple clashes!
  25. 1886-O VAM-1A - When it comes to clashed Es...this one IS WOW!
  26. 1887-O VAM-30A - You know exactly what you found when you see the offset nature of this clash!
  27. 1888-S VAM-13 - Gouges galore on the reverse!
  28. 1888-O VAM-1A3 - The clashed E is cool, but the wicked obverse die break will make you say WOW! Of course you could also get a partially filled reverse die!
  29. 1888-O VAM-1B - "Say hello to my little friend!" EVERYONE knows about the Scarface!
  30. 1888-O VAM-31 - One look at this reverse and you know what it is.
  31. 1888-O VAM-4 - I believe this is the coin that started it all! Major Houlihan can't compare to this lovely lady!
  32. 1888-O VAM-7A - "The Shooting Star" This is the one VAM which I CLEARLY recall saying "WOW!!" about the first time I saw it! The gouge really does look like someone drew a shooting star!
  33. 1888-O VAM-36A - The bulge tells the story. It sticks out like a sore thumb too!
  34. 1889-P VAM-19A or 1889-P VAM-22 - the 'ole bar wing
  35. 1889-P VAM-19B2 - Amazing clashing! This one makes the list just because it invokes dreams of the VAM-23A!
  36. 1889-O VAM-1A2 - The "champ" is followed closely by "the king of clash" in both WOW factor AND rarity!
  37. 1889-O VAM-13B - Crumble, crumble little stars... what caused it may be a mystery, but what makes it "WOW!" is obvious!
  38. 1889-O VAM-13H - A cool and easily noticed reverse gouge.
  39. 1890-CC VAM-4 - Famous for its massive "Tailbar" gouge, but still findable as a cherrypick!
  40. 1890-O VAM-10 - "The Comet" has two easily noticeable gouges beside the date! See also VAM-10A.
  41. 1890-S VAM-2B or 1890-S VAM-29 - Unusual die break for both its size and location, this beauty would make the Peace VAMers proud!
  42. 1891-P VAM-2A - The obligatory doubled ear, but this one also has clashing and a mustache die break!
  43. 1891-O VAM-1A - The incredible E clash gives all three stages of this one WOW factor!
  44. 1891-O VAM-14A - The offset nature of the clashing gives this one away in an instant!
  45. 1891-O VAM-19 - "Extremely buffed reverse" is an understatement!
  46. 1892-CC VAM-12A - This one boasts two fantastic reverse radial breaks!
  47. 1895-O VAM-3A - If you're looking at 95-Os you'll notice this "bearded eagle" pretty quickly!
  48. 1897-O VAM-6A - The die breaks are nasty on the 6A, but for even more WOW check out the 6B!
  49. 1898-O VAM-4A - Just another one of those wickedly clashed varieties!
  50. 1901-P VAM-3 - The famous Shifted Eagle! Folks have been chasing this one since before "VAM" was a thing!
  51. 1901-P VAM-20 - Another easy-to-spot buffed reverse.
  52. 1901-O VAM-25A - The 1A LDS, 36A and 39A are wonderful clashes from the 1901-O series, but for sheer WOW the 25A takes the cake!
  53. 1921-P VAM-3F4 - Nice die gouge, pitting, denticle impressions, and a radial break on the reverse all add up to WOW!
  54. 1921-P VAM-3B3 - When it comes to 1921-P clashing you can't beat this one!
  55. 1921-P VAM-3i - A more-than-generous serving of die gouges adorn this one, earning it the name "Meteor Shower"!
  56. 1921-P VAM-3O3 - Does something look fishy in front of Liberty's nose? Must be the Goldfish clash!
  57. 1921-D VAM-1U - Longest of all the Morgan dollar die gouges!
  58. 1921-S VAM-1B - The fabulous "Thornheads". The 1B1 and 1B3 hold the most visual WOW!
  59. 1921-S VAM-29A or 1921-S VAM-29B - see 1921-P VAM-3B3 comments.
  60. CUD CITY - 1890-O VAM-4C, 1891-O VAM-9B, 1891-O VAM-15B, 1892-CC VAM-2A, 1921-P VAM-19B, 1921-D VAM-1H3, 1921-D VAM-1H4 & 1921-D VAM-1X2

> Any one of these CUD/STRONG RETAINED CUD VAMs will fill this spot!