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VAMworld hosts a VAM of the Week. Below are the current and previous highlights.
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Current VAM: 1888-O VAM-36A Double Ear, Doubled Right Reverse, High O, Bulge below TF

Past VOTW VAMs (Most current on Top):

1883-P VAM-4 Doubled 1-83, 8 in Denticles
1921-D VAM-1H4 Rim Cud Break 1-4 Left Stars
1890-O VAM-13A Near Date, High O, Extreme Die Wear Reverse
1900-O VAM-23D2 Near Slanted Date, High O, Gouges Ear & O, Die Break US
1889-P VAM-23A Slanted Date, Clashed Obverse In & st
1880-P VAM-19B Tripled 8, Doubled 1-80, Pitted E-D, Spiked Hair Front
1921-P VAM-44 Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Profile
1899-O VAM-5 Small Micro O Set Very High & Upright, Slanted Date
1888-S VAM-13 Doubled Left Wreath, Monster Gouged Eagle
1880-P VAM-58A Double Date, Clashed Obverse n & st
1889-P VAM-3A Doubled Date & Ear, Far Date, Sunken Obverse Die
1888-O VAM-31 Doubled 188, Die Gouge Ear, Crumbled Reverse Letters
1900-S VAM-12A Slanted Date, Die Break Star-U
1878-P VAM-14.7 (8TF Dot Next to Ear (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam))
1879-S VAM-107A (Doubled Date, Hair Ribbon Gouge,Engraved Wreath Leaves,Polished Obverse)
1883-O VAM-58A Doubled Ear, O tilted left, Rusted wing, Overlapping Reeding
1923-P VAM-1Z Damaged Die Below TRVST

From VAMWorld 1.0

1878-P VAM-43 (7/0 TF Variety, Doubled Legs)
1894-S VAM-1A (Worm Eye Die Scratches/Gouges Obverse)
1887-P VAM-11 (Doubled 18–7 strong, 7 in Denticles)
1883-O VAM-33A (Doubled 3, O/O Right, Die Gouge in Hair)
1887-O VAM-30A (Doubled Ear, Near Date, Clashed Obverse O-L & R, Reverse TY)
1882-O VAM-38B (Doubled 82, Clashed Obverse G, First t, t, D, Reverse M, Die Breaks N & Star)
1885-P VAM-6 (Doubled Date)
1881-O VAM-1D (Pummeled Eye)
1879-S VAM-26 (Doubled 879, Thread-like Impression Eye)
1922-P VAM-2F "Hair Pin" (Die Gouge in Rays)
1880-P VAM-32A (Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse In, e, ust, Reverse M)
1901-O VAM-36A (Thick Eyelash, Slanted Date, 2 Olive Reverse, Clashed Obverse n and t)
1881-O VAM-18 (Doubled 18, Die Gouge DOL & Denticle Impressions DOL)
1890-P VAM-29A (Doubled Left Reverse, Clashed Obverse G)
1882-P VAM-35 (Doubled 1-2, Die Gouge M)
1900-S VAM-24 Privately made (Near Date, Doubled Ear & E DOLLA)