The Die is the Die

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This is a term many do not want to see on their letter back from Leroy. Here is a "The Die is the Die" story from VAMPICKER that may help you understand the term...
"I've seen this sort of thing pop up a whole bunch of times in the past few weeks and thought this would be a good time to discuss this basic concept of variety collecting. It has served me well over the years once I learned it.
About ten or so years ago, I bought an 1851 half cent because I spotted a nice misplaced base of a digit 1 entirely to the right of the primary date. I paid well over 'Ask' because I was 'pickin' and didn't want to haggle long enough to make the seller take another look at the coin. So I take my MPD home and start to research it. This was one of my first ventures into the world of 19th century copper. I didn't own a copy of Cohen's half cent book (another concept - 'buy the book before the coin', and best left for another time) so it took a while to find out only one die pair was used to produce the entire mintage for this particular year. Turns out EVERY 1851 half cent has this MPD that caught my eye. Undaunted, I poured over my example and found that some of the letters in LIBERTY were doubled. This characteristic was not described in Cohen's book, so once again I thought I had really found something. After expending a great deal of time and effort, my coin was still a Cohen-1(first listed as Gilbert-1 in 1916). The specific obverse die had been described with a marker so it could be readily and positively identified with ease. In this case, it's that MPD that originally caught my eye. Finding additional characteristics on coins struck from the die in question won't make it another variety. At best, a revision of the description or a stage may be listed. The die is the die."
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[TDITD Part #1]1902-O VAM-47
[TDITD Part #2, or is it?]1904-O VAMs-9,15-31,40
[TDITD Part #3]1880-P VAM-11A
[TDITD Part #4]1902-O VAM-85
[TDITD Part #5]1902-O VAM-55
[TDITD Part #6]1902-O VAM-21, VAM-21A, VAM-80
[TDITD Part #7]1902-O VAM-7, VAM-7A, VAM-22A
[TDITD Part #8, or,.....]1902-O VAM-26 Die Pair #3
[TDITD Part #9]1902-O VAM-44
[TDITD Part #10]1884-P VAM-3
[TDITD Part #11] Evil Mimic 1902-O VAM-21 vs VAM-32
[TDITD Part #12] 1902-O VAM-73 Die Pair #1
[TDITD Part Next (Sans #13)]1902-O VAM-85
[TDITD Part #14] 1902-O VAM-48/48A
[TDITD Part #15] 1902-O VAM-76
[TDITD Part #16] 1904-O How To Kill A VAM VAM-34 vs VAM-28/28A
[TDITD Part #17] 1902-O V38A Obv Die with V31A Rev Die
[TDITD Part #18] 1904-O How To Kill a VAM II, 1904-O VAM-20/30B
[TDITD Part #19] 1902-O VAM-25 EDS/LDS
[TDITD Part #20] 1902-O VAM-31 EDS