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Site FAQ:

Can I post copyrighted material here? No. This site is governed by the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5 License. You must create the content yourself, take the pictures yourself, or have the authority to release it under this license.

Can I advertise coins for sale here? There is a buy, sell, trade, advertise (BSTA) discussion board. Please keep commercial activity off the main message board and the rest of the site.

Can I link to this site from my coin web site? Yes, VAMworld exists to share VAM information widely. We appreciate the extra visitors.

Can I link to VAM information on this from my online auction? Yes, it is fine to link to the specific VAM page on VAMworld .

Can I use a picture from this site in my VAM auction or other sale venue? Please do not use the pictures from this site when selling a coin. We want to avoid the implication that the picture from VAMworld is the coin being sold. If you want a buyer to reference a picture on VAMworld, use a link to send them to the actual VAMworld page rather than posting a picture or content from this site.

Why do I need separate accounts for the Message Board and Wiki? The message board and the wiki are two different pieces of software that do not share user account information. You will only need to create an account for the Wiki if you intend to make contributions of some sort. There is no need to create an account if you are only reading information.

How do I add a picture? See also Posting Pics 102 photo post tutorial

How Do I resize a Photo for Posting on this Site? sizing photos for posting

How do I add a table? Refer to the MediaWiki help page on tables.

How do I perform other formatting tasks? MediaWiki provides an extremely rich set of content formatting features. The basics are covered nicely in the MediaWiki Help link that is on the left side navigation pane.

Where do I turn for help posting? If you are really stuck, please click on the Message Board link to the left and post a question. The great members here in VAMworld are always quick to help.