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Would you like to collect all of the pitted and rusted die Morgans? This is quite a task. You will need to acquire 53 coins. By the time you are done with this task, there will likely be more. VAMworld contributors, let's try to get some images for all of these great varieties!
The following VAMs are pitted reverse varieties unless otherwise noted:
1878-S VAM-1B
1879-P VAM-33
1879-P VAM-37
1879-O VAM-23A
1880-O VAM-7 (pitted obverse)
1880-S VAM-88 (pitted obverse)
1881-P VAM-26A Doubled Ear & Left 8, Pitted Eagle & Above Arrow Shafts
1881-O VAM-1E Pitted Ear
1881-O VAM-1F Pitted Obverse Right Field and Eagle
1882-P VAM-1D2
1882-O VAM-4
1882-O VAM-5
1883-P VAM-1A Clashed Obverse n
1883-P VAM-1B Pitted Liberty Head
1884-O VAM-7A
1884-O VAM-19A Doubled 18, Very Far Date, Die Gouge Wheat Leaf, Rusted Die Neck
1884-O VAM-21A
1885-P VAM-1A Hot 50 Morgan VAM
1885-P VAM-1B Hot 50 Morgan VAM
1885-P VAM-1C Hot 50 Morgan VAM
1885-O VAM-1A (rusted die)
1886-P VAM-1D
1887-O VAM-12A
1887-O VAM-22A Top 100 Morgan VAM
1887-O VAM-22B
1888-P VAM-7 Hot 50 Morgan VAM
1888-O VAM-1D (pitted obverse)
1888-S VAM-1B Hot 50 Morgan VAM
1889-P VAM-5A
1889-P VAM-28A
1889-O VAM-23
1890-O VAM-4B (rusted die)
1891-O VAM-1B Hot 50 Morgan VAM
1891-S VAM-6A
1892-O VAM-3A
1896-P VAM-1B
1897-P VAM-1A (existence questionable)
1897-P VAM-3A
1897-P VAM-6A Top 100 Morgan VAM
1899-P VAM-6A
1900-O VAM-8A (rusted die)
1900-O VAM-8B (rusted die)
1902-P VAM-1A
1902-O VAM-17A
1902-O VAM-18
1902-O VAM-34
1904-P VAM-6A (pitted obverse and reverse)
1904-O VAM-1B
1904-O VAM-4A
1904-O VAM-4B
1904-O VAM-5A
1921-P (pitted reverses see below...)
1921-D VAM-1BI
1921-S VAM-1C
1921-S VAM-1E
1921-S VAM-1P
1921-S VAM-1T
1921-P Pitted Reverse Varieties
1921-P VAM-1A Revised to 1921-P VAM-41A Top 100 Morgan VAM
1921-P VAM-1D (Incorporated in VAM-30) Pitting Below Arrow Heads
1921-P VAM-1E Hot 50 Morgan VAM Pitted Wreath Bow
1921-P VAM-1F (Eliminated, same as 1921-P VAM-1E)
1921-P VAM-3B Pitting through D in DOLLAR Hot 50 Morgan VAM
1921-P VAM-3C (Formerly VAM-3G) Hot 50 Morgan VAM Pitted Reverse LL & UN
1921-P VAM-3E Hot 50 Morgan VAM Pitting Below Arrow Feathers
1921-P VAM-3F Hot 50 Morgan VAM Pitted AR in DOLLAR
1921-P VAM-3G /VAM-3C Hot 50 Morgan VAM see 1921-P VAM-3C
1921-P VAM-3J Revised to 1921-P VAM-24A
1921-P VAM-3N Pitted Reverse U Hot 50 Morgan VAM
1921-P VAM-15 Hot 50 Morgan VAM Tripled Left Stars, Doubled Motto, Pitted NE of ONE
1921-P VAM-24A (formerly VAM-3J) Die break UN of UNITED, pitted G of GOD
1921-P VAM-41A Tripled Left Stars, Pitted Lower Reverse (Formerly VAM-1A) Top 100 Morgan VAM
1921-P VAM-41B Tripled Left Stars, Pitted Lower Reverse, Die File Lines Lower Reverse Top 100 Morgan VAM
1921-P VAM-69A Tripled Left Stars, Doubled AMERICA, Pitted S-O