Morgan Various Patterns

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Morgan Various Patterns (include quarters goloid, shield earring,etc)

Glossy Brown PR64 1880 Goloid Metric Dollar, Judd-1649 Sold for: $7,647.50

1880 $1 Metric Dollar, Judd-1649, Pollock-1849, Low R.7, PR64 Brown NGC. Metric dollar pattern designed by George Morgan, featuring a bland, rarely seen head of Liberty brushed back and fastened in a bun and with a wide ribbon at the top of the head. The reverse is the standard Metric dollar design with DEO EST GLORIA featured prominently above the composition in the center. Struck in copper with a reeded edge. Saul Teichman, noted pattern expert, had this to say about the Judd-1649: "This is considered to be one of the uglier designs made by the U.S. Mint." Gee Saul, what do you really think? Whatever one thinks of the design, it is well executed and also intricately detailed. This design is a repeat of that used in 1879 on Judd-1622 through Judd-1625 (Pollock 1818-P1821). These were sold as part of a goloid set. The surfaces have an even, glossy brown patina with deeply mirrored fields. There are no obvious contact marks on either side of this well-preserved pattern.(#62034) (#62034)

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1884 Die Trials Striking Morgan Dollar, Judd-1731 Sold for: $9,775.00

1884 $1 Dollar, Judd-1731, Pollock-1942, R.8, PR 62 Brown NGC. Regular dies trails striking for the 1884 Morgan dollar. Struck in copper with a reeded edge. Somewhat subdued, the crimson-copper surfaces display tinges of deeper color near the obverse border and throughout the reverse. A fully struck, relatively hairline-free example. (#72161)
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