Misplaced Digit

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Misplaced Digit

This list has been created to provide a quick reference and access to Morgan Dollar "Misplaced Digit" (MPD) VAMs.


1879-S VAM-44 Possible 7 in Denticles, Doubled 87, Sextupled Stars
1879-S VAM 73 Possible 7 in Denticles. Doubled 18


1880-P VAM-51 Doubled 880, 8 in Denticles, Doubled Reverse Legend


1881-S VAM-52 8 in Denticles
1881-S VAM-53 8 in Denticles
1881-S VAM-61 Possible 1 in Denticles


1882-P VAM-20 8 in Denticles, Metal in Date, Doubled Upper Reverse
1882-P VAM-23 8 in Denticles
1882-P VAM-24 Doubled 882, Doubled 1 Base Above Denticles MPD
1882-P VAM-28 Dot 2, Possible 8 in Denticles, Gouges 1-2 Left Stars
1882-CC VAM-2 Doubled 882, 1 Top Below Left 8 (Hit List 40 Morgan Dollar)
1882-CC VAM-2A Doubled 882, 1 Top Below Left 8, Clashed Obverse n (Hit List 40 Morgan Dollar)


1883-P VAM-4 Doubled 1-83, 8 in Denticles
1883-O VAM-39 Date Digits in Denticles, Die Flake in 8
1883-O VAM-40 1 in Denticles


1884-P VAM-15 188 in Denticles, Far Date
1884-P VAM-17 Possible 4 in Denticles, Die Scratches E
1884-P VAM-18 Possible 8 in Denticles, Far Date
1884-P VAM-21 8 in Denticles, Very Far Date
1884-O VAM-25 O/O Centered Low, 188 in Denticles (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)
1884-O VAM-37 18 in Denticles, Far Date
1884-O VAM-37A2 18 in Denticles, Far Date, Clashed Obverse st
1884-O VAM-38 Far Date, Doubled 1, O Tilted Left, Possible 8 in Denticles
1884-S VAM-8 18 in Denticles, Far Date, S Set Left
1884-S VAM-9 884 in Denticles, Far Date


1885-P VAM-6 Doubled Date, 85 in Denticles, Slightly Doubled Reverse
1885-P VAM-28 Possible 8 in Denticles, Far Date
1885-P VAM-32 885 in Denticles, Thread Impression, Polished Eagle
1885-O VAM-17 8 in Denticles, Far Date
1885-O VAM-28 1 in Denticles, Doubled AMERICA, Gouge in Wing
1885-S VAM-8 885 in Denticles
1885-S VAM-9 885 in Denticles, S/S (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)


1886-P VAM-21 8 Below Designer's Initial, Doubled Reverse (Former VAM-1B) (Top 100 Morgan VAM)
1886-O VAM-21 Misplaced Date
1886-O VAM-22 8 in Denticles


1887-P VAM-11 Doubled 18–7, 7 in Denticles
1887-P VAM-13 Doubled Stars, 7 in Denticles, Doubled Reverse
1887-P VAM-13A Doubled Stars & Reverse, 7 in Denticles, Clashed Obverse ust
1887-P VAM-17 8-7 in Denticles
1887-P VAM-19 7 in Denticles, Very Far Slanted Date
1887-O VAM-27 7 in Denticles
1887-O VAM-28 Doubled Stars and Motto, 18-7 in Denticles, Near Date
1887-O VAM-36 Doubled 1-8, Tripled 8, 7 in denticles, Spiked Lips
1887-O VAM-36A Doubled 1-8, Tripled 8, 7 in denticles, Spiked Lips, Clashed Obverse T
1887-O VAM-38 7 in Denticles
1887-O VAM-38A 7 in Denticles, Pitted Reverse
1887-O VAM-42 MPD, Doubled 1-8, Filled Loop, 7 in Denticles, Far Date


1888-P VAM-18 Doubled Eyelid, 8 in Denticles, Far Date (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)
1888-P VAM-25 PROOF - Doubled Date, 8 in Denticles
1888-O VAM-9 Doubled Arrows, Doubled Wreath, 18-8 in Denticles ( Top 100 Morgan VAM)
1888-O VAM-28 Doubled Ear, 1 in Denticles
1888-O VAM-33 Long Obverse die gouge,8 in Denticles
1888-O VAM-35 Date Digits in Denticles


1889-P VAM-24 8 in Denticles, Doubled Ear, Polishing Lines in Cotton Bolls, Normal Date


1890-P VAM-25 9 in Denticles
1890-P VAM-25A 9 in Denticles, Clashed Obverse n
1890-P VAM-26 Possible 1 in Denticles
1890-O VAM-26 890 Tops in Denticles
1890-O VAM-28 Possible 0 Top in Denticles
1890-O VAM-28A Possible 0 Top in Denticles, Clashed Obverse n & st
1890-S VAM-2 S/S Left, 89 in Denticles
1890-S VAM-33 Possible 7 Top in Denticles, Possible S/S Lower Loop
1890-CC VAM-7 Doubled CC Inside, 0 in Denticles


1891-S VAM-11 189 in Denticles


1892-O VAM-12 9 Below Hair, Overlapping Reeding
1892-O VAM-12A 9 Below Hair, Overlapping Reeding, Clashed Obverse n
1892-S VAM-10 Far Date, Doubled 9, Possible 9 in Denticles
1892-S VAM-11 2 in Denticles
1892-CC VAM-10 9 or 2 in Denticles, Wide CC
1892-CC VAM-10A 9 or 2 in Denticles, Wide CC, Clashed Obverse st


1896-P VAM-19 Misplaced Digit 8 in Denticles (Top 100 Morgan VAM)
1896-P VAM-26 Possible 9 in Denticles
1896-P VAM-29 6 in Denticles, Near Date


1900-P VAM-16 2 Olive Reverse, 900 in Denticles(Hot 50 Morgan VAM)
1900-P VAM-19 2 Olive Reverse, 0 in Denticles
1900-P VAM-32 PROOF, Near Date, 0 in Denticles
1900-O VAM-46 Doubled First 0 Bottom, Near Date, Possible 0 in Denticles


1901-O VAM-15 2 Olive Reverse, 90 in Denticles
1901-S VAM-14 Slanted Date, 0 in Denticles


1903-S VAM-6 903 in Denticles, 2 Olive Reverse
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