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1881 O October
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Branch Mint Proofs
The first U.S. Mint facilities to be established other than the Philadelphia facility were officially designated as “branch mints” from 1835 to 1873. The [Coinage Act of 1873] changed the official designation of a facility from, for example, “a branch mint of the United States at San Francisco” to “the mint of the United States at San Francisco.”
Branch Mint Proof coins of any denomination are unusual and often rare; most Proof coins in the 19th century were struck at the Philadelphia Mint, the oldest of the U.S. Mints.
Branch Mint Proof Morgan dollar examples are known from the Carson City, [San Francisco] and [New Orleans Mints] that were struck under special conditions or in recognition of a specific event:
➤ 1879-O, mintage believed to be 12, approximately 10 known according to NGC.
➤ 1882-CC, NGC lists two Specimen 65 submissions.
➤ 1883-CC, mintage unknown, two pieces believed known, although NGC lists just one Proof 65 submission. Carson City Mint coin specialist Rusty Goe says the Wayne Miller specimen is the only Proof 1883-CC Morgan dollar of which he is aware. “Miller bought this coin from Bruce Amspacher in November 1980 as a Branch Mint Proof,” Goe said via email.
➤ 1883-O, mintage believed be 12, approximately five known.
➤ 1884-CC, mintage unknown, at least two examples known.
➤ 1893-CC, mintage believed to be 12, all believed to be known.
➤ 1921-S, mintage believed to be 24, 10 to 12 known.
Goe examined NGC’s images of the Proof 1885-CC Morgan dollar and determined the piece to be a VAM-3 die variety as attributed in Comprehensive Catalogue and Encyclopedia of U.S. Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars by Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis.
Heritage v19 BMP
1883-O Branch Mint Proof Dollar, PR67 Cameo
Only 12 Proofs Believed Struck
'Ex: Frossard/Clapp/Eliasberg'1883-O $1 Branch Mint PR67 Cameo PCGS. CAC. VAM-11. To our knowledge, all branch mint proof 1883-O dollars are from the VAM-11 die pairing. Numerous diagnostics were recorded in 1995 when we studied the Anita Maxwell branch mint proofs, and this was subsequently published in the October 9 issue of Coin World. The most easily seen diagnostics are on the reverse, where several leaves seem to "float" on the lower left portion of the wreath, an effect caused by excessive die polishing. This vigorous die polishing gives the 1883-O proof dollars an appearance that is distinctly different from a Deep Mirror Prooflike business strike.
Fact and fiction are interwoven in the tale of the proof 1883-O dollars, stories that have been repeated so many times they become accepted as truth, even though there is no factual basis for them. The accepted version of the creation of these pieces is contained in Walter Breen's Proof Encyclopediafrom 1977:
> "Made for presentation to officials of some local celebration, possibly having to do with the cotton industry, though equally likely having to do with the establishment of Tulane University as the State University of Louisiana. The Superintendent of the New Orleans Mint called them proofs in AJN, 1884, p. 46. The only one I have seen 'carries its own credentials' like the 1879."
Pure invention and speculation. The only truth in Breen's statement is that the coin "carries its own credentials." There is no mention of the coins being proofs in the AJN. There is, however, a review of the Sampson sale from July 9, 1884, that essentially just repeated the description from the catalog. That catalog description reads:
> "352 1883. Standard Dollar O Mint. Brilliant proof. Extremely rare. Only 12 struck."
The lot brought $10.00, a significant amount for a coin that was struck just a year previous.
While we will probably never know for certain why proof dollars were struck in New Orleans in 1883, it is abundantly evident when examining this coin that they were. This particular coin has been recognized as a proof since 1894. The surfaces are simply magnificent. The fields are deeply reflective, and the devices show a significant amount of mint frost, the combination yielding strong cameo contrast. As one would expect from a proof, the surfaces lack the coin-to-coin contact normally seen on dollars struck for circulation, most of which spent decades in bags. As a result, the surfaces of this all-brilliant dollar are quite limited when it comes to pedigree identifiers. The only two are both on the reverse, a shallow tick in the field below the E in STATES and a russet-colored planchet lamination from the right star after DOLLAR to the wreath. Exceptional quality for any proof dollar, and almost unheard of in a branch mint proof.
Acquired as a proof from Édouard Frossard, November 1894; J.M. Clapp; John H. Clapp; Clapp Estate, 1942 to Louis Eliasberg, Sr.; Eliasberg II (Bowers and Merena, 4/1997), lot 2264, where it brought $121,000.
From The Greensboro Collection, Part III. (PCGS# [87346])
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VAM-185C (42609)
VAM-4A (36680)
VAM-221.1A (31809)
VAM-86 (10362)
VAM-130C2 (8432)
VAM-131 Proof (7973)
VAM-140 Die 1 (7973)
VAM-185 (7973)
VAM-34A (6223)
VAM-10A (4076)
VAM-221B EDB (3703)
VAM-85 (2554)
VAM-130 (1993)
VAM-228.2 (1988)
VAM-114.1 (1311)
VAM-228.3 (1272)
VAM-228.4 (1157)
VAM-215 (∞)

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acid treated 78 s varieties
Leroy Van Allen wrote an article about acid treated dies that appeared in 24 May 2011 VAM-e and also in the 2012 1878S Morgan Dollar Attribution Guide. He states that the following 78-S VAMs are acid treated -- 36, 48, 49, 50, 55, 75A, 76, 81, 84, 91, and 91A; possible acid treated are 1B, 8A, 24, 30, 43, 69, and 102.
So Brian you have a few to check for the acid treated 78-S in your list above; unless your "new" means this is not one so far not recognized by Leroy.
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1878 P
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1879 S

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About Morgan Silver Dollars: After a five-year suspension of minting Silver Dollars for circulation in the US, the Bland-Allison Act (the Act of February 28, 1878) resumed coinage of the Silver Dollar. The design chosen was created by George T. Morgan. Morgan Silver Dollars were minted with fervor, and to this day, they are collected with the same fervor. Morgan Silver Dollars were produced from 1878 to 1904, then again in 1921.
Morgan 1885 VAM-26 ANACS 62
Logan's 85 P dc varieties
1885 P VAM-1K
|| Morgan 1885 VAM-1M PCGS 65 ||
|| Morgan 1885 VAM-1N ANACS 55 ||
|| Morgan 1885 VAM-9E NGC 62 ||
|| Morgan 1885 VAM-24A ANACS 55 ||
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|| Morgan 1885 VAM-9G ANACS 64 ||
|| Morgan 1885 VAM-26A PCGS 62 ||
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|| Morgan 1885 VAM-1F ANACS 63 ||
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|| Morgan 1885 VAM-9A ICG 63 ||
|| Morgan 1885 VAM-9B ANACS 62 ||
|| Morgan 1885 VAM-23A ICG 63 ||
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Heritage 80 O
1888 S NEW
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1882 cc VAM-7
If you ever have a chance to buy a VAM 7, you should. I think it will prove to be a significant rarity. Now hard to visualize as there are plenty of pictures of its siblings. Look for a VAM 2E obverse without the big wing-like gouge and multiple clashings on the reverse.
Thanks for the offer to send the 78-CC VAM 2B. I have a couple of examples in my own collection, including one that appears to be in a very similar die stage. Think the big picture is enough.

Nates Proof

Todd Pollack
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From Mitch Hill, Large Full Coin VAM- Images photographed and ATTRIBUTED BY John Baumgart @ Variety Slabbing Service.jpg CLAYTON PROJECT AKA TINMAN
1879-P VAM-77
DIscovery by PETEH 2011

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