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VAMworld Name Real Name VAMworld Profile External Link
...kenny Kenny Margeson
1878mimmo Gary Brennan
4sdair Gary Voyles
aladinslamp Gene Jensen
Albannach D E Codner
Algot Stephenson Algot.Stephenson
altar worker David A. Powell
Andywoj00 Andrew Wojtowich
Ashmore86 Ash Harrison VAMworld Organizer; SSDC President
BBGold Bob Edgren
bernie81641 Bernard Linhart
Bigbub Geoffrey Wells
BIGDOGBA Robert Abbey
Bigjayvee John Vernieri
billcoin56 Bill Wolverton
BJStamps Barbara Johnson
Blu62vette Todd Pollock
bob259 Bob Folkers
BobbyJenkins BobbyJenkins
BooGred George Booze
BrianRaines BrianRaines
camberry Bert Jones
cableman Ken Klotz
C12 Mike Johnson
charlieb821 Charlie Bathman
cheezhed1 Tom Rogers
chgolaw1 Dominic Cantore
ChiefRet. Lawrence Lane
cmerlo1 Christian Merlo
coinman1889 Mike Hoyman
colonelwillys Tom Petrosie
cpaaw Allan Parker
DireWolf1972 Paul Marshall
dogtown59 Dennis Peek
dunn2777 Jim Dunn
errorgirl Ginny Brownson
exiler Chip Baker
E_Sims Ed Sims
Feyms Michael Fey
fogie Brent Fogelberg
fudder Tony Bruno
GarryN Garry Naples
gdlccoins Gil Comito
grcauto Greg Clark
hairfield1 Mike Hairfield
HAPPYSquirrelSF Rob Geyer
HawkeEye Robert Whitehead
hooked_on_vams Jon Engstrom
hurricane4911 Peter Alongi
imaranger4jc Mike Martin
ImpairedSquirrel Robert Franklin
indian234 Ron Morton
itsallgood1 Doug Bindner Sr
itsnow24u James D. Bonn Sr.
Jabbss651 Johnny Fincher
jaceravone Joseph A. Ceravone
JAustinRB John Austin VAMworld Organizer
jayone Jay Shattuck
Jlee2027 Jack Lee
John Goldsmith John Goldsmith
jrfaust Jody R Faust
jrlaney1 John R Laney
karps13 Mike Karpowicz
Keefer222 Jason Keefer
Keilg1 Gary Redfeather (Keil)
key-dates Larry Eakins
Kurt28 Kurt R. Johnson
larrym342 Larry Mullen
LAM-Borghini-VAM-pire-Gangster Daniel Lam
lavsco92 Scott LaVigne
LewisR2 Lewis Rosenbaum
lioncutter Patrick Fischer
LoganMcKechnie C. Logan McKechnie mailto:LMcKech@AOL.COM
marinemsgtretired Aaron Helstrom
markinsd Mark Benton
MarkWit Mark Withstandley
masterguns Ray Dean
mcrandall2 Mike Crandall
messydesk John Baumgart VAMworld Organizer, Site Admin.
Metalencephalon Nathaniel Mailliard (Hall of Fame)
Mhomei Mitch Hill
mike1nic Mike Ash
mikepcgs Mike Padgett
mitzydog Joseph Wilson
MNick38 Mike Lucyk
morganjunkie Mike Emswiler
morgan-nut Peter Burchfield
n743tc Tom Coughlin
nesvt Norm (Hall of Fame)
nlpcoins Noel Perinotti
npcrolls Tom Farin
ocsjr2001 O C Smith Jr
offcenter Rick Corbin
oldboats Patrick Sisler (Hall of Fame)
oldcollectorcoins Lance Newman
Orion_the_Hunter Brion Pfendler Orion_the_Hunter
Options25 Jim McGovern
pacificwr W. Roberts PacificWR
partsman Greg Holaski [
Peaceman Steve Bandovich
permit1850 Chuck Emery
playtime1 Jim Longe
PopoAgiePoke Rob L. Clark
Prizepursuer Brent Johnson
Raynat3 Ray Sanchez
Razrbak Rick Smith
ReMMy1100 Mike/Remmy
rfb99 Ricky F. Bonazza
rhodes6467 Jon Rhodes
RobtM Bob Griffin
RobJoyce Rob Joyce VAMworld Organizer [
rodmeader Rod Meader
RonH270 Ron Hagler
RMG1883CC Ron Gapa
rwilharm Robert Wilharm
sdaws6249 Steve Dawson
Sentry02 Bradley Graham
Shyatt01 Steve Hyatt
silverdollarfitz Jim Fitzpatrick
single_dadof2 Joe Collins
stokjockey Tony Stanley
stucathumpreys Stewart Humphreys
SuperDave Dave Barker
tatt2ed13 Phil Alisauskas
tbconcrete Tim Barry
tc94545 Tim Cannard
td5173 Tracy Duncan
terryi2o Terry L. Ferkel
Thetinman Brad Bellomo
tmanhg John Higginbotham
tommymc26 Tom McEntee
Toploaderone Dennis Langston
Traildies BJ Neff
Twohawks Russ James
umpqua Scott Hobbs
Unc90o Nico Marcus
USACoinBook Ryan W.
Vamalot Dave Mathew
VAMHalen JD Kriek
Vamhead Louis Gouchie
VamHelsing John Knutson
vamhunter Kevin Slack
VamHunter Thomas Hancock
Vamhusker Peter Hohnstein
Vamished Paul Olson
VamishedJR Layton Pitts
VAMmit-Mike Michael Arvay
Vam-mysterio Juan Arrioja
vampicker John Roberts
Vamsky Dave Barnes
vamslinger Lee Logan
VicLuc Vic Lucarelli VicLuc
Virgil12 Karin Rawlings
W1wscott Alan Scott
WeezieGR Lisa Irvine
westcoin Chriss Hoffman
Windycity Pat Mullen
wjpin William J. Pysnack
YankeeBen Benjamin A. Underwood

How do I add my information to the table?

The table is arranged alphabetically by VAMworld user names. To add your information, you must do 2 things. The first is to make a new table row where your name should go. The second is to populate the table fields with your information.

1) Make the table row

  1. Click on the 'Edit This Page' button located at the top right of this page. The editor menu will appear.
  2. Locate the correct alphabetical row just above where your listing should be and click on any cell in that row.
  3. The table icon will appear on the edge of that cell. Click on that icon.
  4. A Menu for changing the table options will appear (see figure 1 below). Select 'Row', 'Add Row', 'Add below'. A green highlight bar will appear to show you where your row will be.
  5. Click on 'Add below', and Voila! you have just made your own row.

2) Add your information

  • In your first field, the 'VAMworld Name' box, type your VAMworld user name in your field exactly as shown below. The double brackets are required.

Your VAMworld User Name Here
This will provide a link to your VAMworld member page. Don't worry if you don't have one, the link will let you create one if you want. You can use this Wikispace member page to write important stuff about yourself.

  • In the 'Real Name' column, just type your real name in your field with no brackets as you want it to appear.


  • In the 'VAMworld Profile' column, type your VAMworld name in your field exactly as shown below. The double brackets are required.

[User Name Here VAMworld User Name Here]
This will link your Wiki Member Profile page and allow others to easily send you a Personal Message (PM). Every VAMworld member already has a member profile page.

  • In the external link file, you can add your webpage URL or external email address if you'd like. Type your field information exactly as shown below. The double brackets are required.
or for email:

  • Click 'Preview' on the Editor Menu to see how it will look. You can continue editing if it needs it.
  • When it looks OK, Click 'Save' on the Editor Menu.

Figure 1

683px  align="right"
Feel free to link in your own page
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