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In 1963, Francis X. Klaes published a monograph, "Die Varieties of Morgan Silver Dollars". This preceded Leroy Van Allen's first published work by 2 years, and the first edition of the VAM book by 8. The Klaes book is a mere 26 pages and contains only 51 varieties, but it shows us an early glimpse of what Klaes found to be "one of the most fascinating, but least explored aspects of Morgan dollar collecting." I've gone through the Klaes book and converted his entries to VAM numbers that now represent them.
You will recognize many of the varieties here from popular lists now being collected, and chances are, people that have been collecting these lists have most of those here. Some comprise many VAM numbers, simply comparing mint mark sizes.
The inexpensive Klaes book is still available on the used book market if you would like to add a historic work to your VAM library. However, printed copies in circulation are becoming scarce.

Fig # in Klaes Year/MM VAM # Description in Klaes
1 1878 8TF VAM 16 Dbl "LIBERTY" and stars
2 (and 4) 1878 8TF VAM 18 Dbl "LIBERTY", date, and stars
3 (and 5) 1878 8TF VAM 7 Dbl letters, date, and stars
6 1878 7/8TF VAM 36,VAM 37 Normal Die
7 1878 7/8TF VAM 44 Doubled leaves and date
8 (and 9) 1878 7TF VAM 169 Normal 7TF PAF, dbl stars, letters, 1, LIBERTY
10 1878 7TF VAM 81 Some doubled stars and letters
11 1878 7TF VAM 210 (any C2) Normal die
12 1878-S VAM 6 Some doubled stars and letters
13 1878-CC VAM 6 , VAM 18 Dbl leaves, date, and some stars
14 1879-S Rev. 78 PAF (Parallel Arrow Feather)
15 1879-S Rev. 79 SAF (Slanted Arrow Feather)
16 1879-O any Medium O Small O
17 1879-O any Large O Large O
18 1880-S any Medium S Small S
19 1880-S any Large S Large S
20 1880-O any Micro O Small O
21 1880-O any Medium O Large O
22 1880-CC VAM 4 PAF (Parallel Arrow Feather)
23 1880-CC VAM 6,VAM 8 SAF, Small CC
24 1880-CC VAM 3 SAF (Slanted Arrow Feather), Large CC
25 1882-O VAM 7 Centered O over low O
26 1882-O VAM 13 , VAM 14 Centered O over slanting O
27 1882-O VAM 3 Possible O over O
28 1882-O VAM 4 Possible O over S
29 1884 VAM 3 Large dot
30 1884 VAM 4 Small dot
31 1886-O VAM 1A "E" on rev.
32 1887-O VAM 2 Shifted date and doubled 7
33 1888-O VAM 4 Doubled head
34 1889-O VAM 1A "E" on rev.
35 1891-O VAM 1A "E" on rev.
36 1893 VAM 4 Some doubled stars
37 1896-O VAM 4 Small O
38 1896-O any authentic Large O
39 1899-S any Medium S Narrow S
40 1899-S any Wide S Wide S
41 1899-O any Micro O Small O
42 1899-O any Medium O Large O
43 1900-S any Medium S Narrow S
44 1900-S any Wide S Wide S
45 1900-O VAM 5 Small O
46 1900-O any Medium O Large O
48 1900-O/CC VAM 12 O over centered CC
49 1900-O/CC VAM 7 , VAM 10 O over low CC
50 1901 VAM 3 Shifted eagle
51 1902-O VAM 3 , VAM 96 Small O
52 1902-O any authentic Large O
54 1903-S VAM 2 Small S
55 1903-S any Wide S Large S
56 1921 VAM 41B Numerous die scratches

Figure 10 shows an obverse from either VAM 81, 33, or 30, but since it is an early die state listed as 7TF, it must be VAM 81. Figure 47 shows a 1900-O with strike doubling on the mint mark, and is not included. Figure 53 was skipped in the original printing, but some books have correction tape renumbering figures 54 through 56 as 53 through 55.