Hot 50 Morgan VAMs

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Hot 50 Morgan VAMs

Jeff Oxman published the Hot 50 Morgan dollar book back in 2000. These are varieties that were identified in addition to the Top 100 Morgan dollars that collectors were interested in. This is quite an advanced list, as many of these varities are extrememly scarce, and a few have sold for staggering premiums in the marketplace. Out of print for years, the Hot 50 book has recently been re-published in 2008. All of these VAMs are recognized by the major grading services, although a few are lumped together under one item - aka 1921 "Pitted Reverse" at PCGS. Below are the VAMs that are recognized
as Hot 50 coins.

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Slot Year VAM Description
1 1878-P VAM-8 8TF Stick Feather
2 1878-P VAM-14.4 8TF Concave Reverse
VAM-14.4A 8TF Concave Reverse, Clashed Obverse In & t
3 1878-P VAM-14.5 8TF Spiked "A"
4 1878-P VAM-14.16 8TF DDO Profile
5 1878-P VAM-20 8TF Doubled Date
6 1878-P VAM-22 8TF Polished Lib
7 1878-P VAM-34 7/4TF, Strong
VAM-34A 4TF, Clashed Obverse t
8 1878-P VAM-43 7/0TF Doubled Legs
9 1878-P VAM-79 Disconnected Leaf
10 1878-P VAM-145 Broken "N&M" with broken 'o' reverse
1878-P VAM-162 Broken "N&M" with broken 'r' reverse
11 1878-P VAM-169 Quadrupled Stars
12 1878-P VAM-170 Doubled Date
VAM-170A Double Date, Die Chips Phrygian Cap
13 1878-P VAM-187 Impossible Doubled "R"
14 1878-S VAM-6 DDO "RIB", Available in High Grade
1878-S VAM-22 DDO "RIB", MM Shifted Left, Scarce
1878-S VAM-77 DDO "RIB", MM Very High, Extremely Rare
15 1880-P VAM-11 8/7 Check Mark, found in higher grades
1880-P VAM-11A 8/7 Check Mark, Clashed Obverse st
1880-P VAM-16 8/7 Check Mark, scarce
1880-P VAM-16A 8/7 Check Mark,Die Break E-P Dot
1880-P VAM-29 8/7 Check Mark, Doubled 80
1880-P VAM-41 8/7 Check Mark, Doubled Obv Top, Tripled Date
1880-P VAM-41A 8/7 Check Mark, Doubled Obv Top, Tripled Date, Clashed n, st
1880-P VAM-53 8/7 Check Mark, rare!
16 1880-P VAM-39A E Clash reverse with ribbon bow break
17 1880-O VAM-16 8/7 Check Mark, small o right
1880-O VAM-17 8/7 Check Mark, medium O
VAM-17A 8/7 Check Mark, Medium O, Clashed Obverse n & t
1880-O VAM-21 8/7 Check Mark with ear, small o
1880-O VAM-55 8/7 Check Mark, small o, doubled reverse
1880-O VAM-63 8/7 Check Mark, medium O high
18 1880-S VAM-11 0/9 Overdate, Medium S, available in higher grades
19 1881-O VAM-27 DDO Ear, scarce
20 1883-O VAM-22A E Clash reverse.
1883-O VAM-36A E Clash reverse, chips in ear, available in higher grades
21 1884-P VAM-2A E Clash reverse with dash under 8
22 1884-P VAM-5 Doubled 18, Doubled Ear
VAM-5A Doubled 18 & Ear, Clashed Obverse n
23 1884-O VAM-10 DDO Ear, so called O/CC by Walter Breen
24 1884-O VAM-25 MPD "88"
25 1884-O VAM-35 DDO Eyelid
26 1885-P VAM-1A1 Pitted Reverse
VAM-1A2 Pitted Reverse, Clashed Obverse n & t, Reverse M
1885-P VAM-1B Pitted Reverse "DOL"
1885-P VAM-1C Pitted Reverse Wreath
27 1885-CC VAM-4 Doubled Dash
28 1886-P VAM-1C 3+2 Clash, available in higher grades
29 1886-P VAM-20 Doubled Date, few known
30 1886-O VAM-7 O/O, very scarce
31 1887-P VAM-1B E Clash reverse, very rare
32 1887-S VAM-4 Doubled 1--7-S
1887-S VAM-11 Doubled 1-7 & Reverse Lettering
33 1888-P VAM-4 DDR Chipped "8"
1888-P VAM-6 DDR Die Scratch
1888-P VAM-7 DDR Die Chips. Four die stages (7A , 7B, 7C, 7D)
1888-P VAM-12 DDR & Clash, available in higher grades
VAM-12A Doubled Ear, High Date, Doubled Reverse, Clashed Obverse n
1888-P VAM-16 DDR Wreath, available in higher grades
1888-P VAM-16A DDR Wreath, die gouge cotton leaves, available in higher grades
1888-P VAM-18 DDO Eyelid, MPD
34 1888-O VAM-15 DDR Star, O/O
35 1888-S VAM-6A Pitted Reverse (Formerly VAM-1B.)
36 1889-P VAM-16 DDO Ear, available in higher grades
1889-P VAM-18 DDO Ear
1889-P VAM-18A DDO Ear, die chip cap rear
1889-P VAM-20 DDO Ear
37 1889-P VAM-23A IN Clash, ultra rare
38 1889-O VAM-20A Weak "E" Clash, very rare
39 1890-O VAM-10 Comet gouges
1890-O VAM-10A Polished Comet gouges
40 1891-O VAM-1B Pitted Reverse above E and under N to rim
41 1891-O VAM-3A1 O Tilted Right, Clashed Obverse O, Reverse Weak ER
VAM-3A2 O Tilted Right, Clashed Obv. O, Reverse Weak ER, Die Breaks
42 1895-S VAM-3 S/S, curved dash
43 1896-P VAM-20 Bar "6" (Previously VAM-1A)
44 1896-S VAM-5 S/S, line right
45 1897-P VAM-8 DDO Stars, available in higher grades
46 1900-P VAM-16 DDR Olives. LDS has pitted eagle
1900-P VAM-18 DDR Olives
47 1901-P VAM-5 DDO Ear & DDR Olive
48 1901-P VAM-16 DDO Ear & Eye
49 1921-P VAM-1E Pitted Wreath Bow
1921-P VAM-3B1 Pitted Reverse D & Wreath
VAM-3B2 Pitted Reverse D & Wreath, Quadrupled Clashed Obverse n & t, Reverse M
1921-P VAM-3C1 Pitted Reverse LL & UN, Doubled Lower Right Reverse
VAM-3C2 Pitted Reverse LL & UN, Doubled Lower Right Reverse, Die Break Wing Tip
VAM-3C3 Pitted Reverse LL & UN, Doubled Leaves Right Reverse, Clashed Obverse, Double t
1921-P VAM-3E Pitting Below Arrow Feathers
1921-P VAM-3F1 Die Gouge Wing
VAM-3F2 Die Gouge Wing, Denticle Impressions ME
VAM-3F3 Die Gouge Wing, Pitted Reverse, Denticle Impressions ME
VAM-3F4 Die Gouge Wing, Pitted Reverse, Die Break Above R
1921-P VAM-3N Pitting through U in UNITED
1921-P VAM-15 Doubled Motto, Pitted Reverse
1921-P VAM-15A Doubled Motto, Pitted Reverse Die gouges Arrow Heads
50 1921-D VAM-1B1 Capped "R"
1921-D VAM-1B2 Capped "R" / Filled Die no E in WE

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