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Hit List 40 VAMs

It's been over 8 years since the publication of the last "VAMs to collect" list. Since that time, many new discoveries have been made and much additional information, especially about 1878 rarities, has come to light. Thus, the need for a new list of VAMs to collect from Jeff Oxman and the Society of Silver Dollar Collectors. The new Hit List 40 book from Jeff was published in early 2009.

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Slot Year VAM Description
1 1878-P VAM-14.7 Ultra-rare Variety
2 1878-P VAM-14.20 Last 8TF Discovery
3 1878-P VAM-39 7/8 TF - Dramatic Strong TFs
1878-P VAM-39A 5 TF, Clashed Obverse n & t
4 1878-P VAM-116 Doubled P
1878-P VAM-116A Doubled P, Die Gouge Stage 1
1878-P VAM-116B Doubled P, Die Gouge Stage 2
1878-P VAM-116C Doubled P, Die Gouge Stage 3
5 1878-P VAM-123 Spike in eye, Rarest 7TF
6 1878-P VAM-166 3 spikes in eye, Ultra-rare in all grade
7 1878-P VAM-188 Polished L obverse
8 1878-P VAM-189 Only re-engraved 7TF know
9 1878-P VAM-222A Reverse of 1879, 4th star broken with die chips around mouth
10 1878-P VAM-224 Reverse of 1879, wide reeding. 1878 analog of 1921
11 1878-P VAM-227-1 Reverse of 1879, very scarce. Line through O
1878-P VAM-228B Broken star, Reverse of 1879 with Line through O
12 1878-S VAM-17A Doubled D with Denticle Impressions on Reverse
1878-S VAM-17B Doubled D, Denticle Impressions Obverse & Reverse
1878-S VAM-17C Doubled D, Denticle Impressions Obverse Neck & Reverse
13 1878-S VAM-19 Large Die Gouge through Cap
1878-S VAM-19A Over Polished Reverse
14 1878-S VAM-50 Tripled Eye with Funky Feather Reverse
1878-S VAM-76 Triple Eye Obverse
1878-S VAM-81 Funky Feather Reverse. This coin is not on Jeff Oxman's Hit List yet. Said to be on the next edition fall 2014
15 1880-P VAM-25 0/9 Overdate
1880-P VAM-25A 0/9 Overdate (polished clashed)
1880-P VAM-25B 0/9 Overdate (fully clashed)
16 1880-P VAM-32A Clashed "In" Obverse, ultra-strong clas
17 1880-O VAM-7 Pitted Obverse
18 1880-CC VAM-7 Reverse of 1878. VAM-4 Top 100 Reverse.
1880-CC VAM-7A Reverse of 1878. VAM-4 Top 100 Reverse. Clashed.
19 1880-S VAM-12 Checkmark/Ear Overdate. Overdate not already listed
20 1881-O VAM-1D Pummeled (Flaky) Eye
21 1881-O VAM-5 Dramatic O/O. So-called O/S
22 1881-S VAM-54B Reverse Die Break Eagle to Rim
23 1882-CC VAM-2 Progressive counter-clash. Extra 1 under date
1882-CC VAM-2A Doubled 882, 1 Top Below Left 8, Clashed Obverse n
1882-CC VAM-2B Doubled 882
1882-CC VAM-2C Doubled 882, Break Cap Back, Doubled Lip Counter Clash
1882-CC VAM-D2 Doubled 882, Cap Break, Lip Counter Clash, Wing Die Gouges, Rev gouges OL
1882-CC VAM-2E Doubled 882, Cap Break, Lip Counter Clash, Winged L Die Gouge, Clashed Obv. I & us
24 1885-P VAM-22 Super Dash under 2nd 8. Analog to 1885-CC VAM-4
25 1886-O VAM-11A 2+2 Rotated clashed die. Analog to 1886-P VAM-1C
26 1887-O VAM-30A TY Clashed Die. Unique clashing
27 1888-O VAM-7A Huge obverse die gouge.
28 1888-S VAM-13 Monster Gouges Reverse. (old VAM-1A). SSDC Coin of the Year
29 1889-P VAM-5A Pitted reverse through D
1889-P VAM-5B Pitted reverse through D, Clashed partial n
1889-P VAM-28A Pitted reverse with doubled ear
30 1890-O VAM-20 Strong Doubled Ear. Analog to1891-P VAM-2
31 1892-S VAM-8 Tripled Die Obverse. Tripling in Liberty's hair
32 1896-O VAM-19 Analog to 1896-P VAM-20. (old VAM-1A)
33 1901-P VAM-7 Doubled Arrowheads, Wing. Spectacular DDR
34 1902-O VAM-25 Doubled Ear, 2 olive reverse
1902-O VAM-43-1 Die 1, Doubled Ear, doubled reverse
1902-O VAM-43-2 Die 2, Doubled Ear, doubled reverse
1902-O VAM-54 Largest Doubled Ear known in the Morgan dollar series
35 1904-O VAM-4B Pitted Reverse, clashed Obverse. Pitting in OL, Clashed Obverse I & u
36 1921-P VAM-40A Unusual Reverse clash marks. Super CD
37 1921-D VAM-1N Unicorn "D" in UNITED. LDS shows retained cud
38 1921-D VAM-1X Spectacular double Cud. On everyone's hit list
39 1921-S VAM-1B "Thornheads" Series. VAMs-1B1 thru 1B7. 1B3 and 1B7 are the rarest
40 1921-S VAM-6A Obverse Die scratch between B & U
1921-S VAM-6B BU Die Scratch & Missing mintmark

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