Flawed Logotype Varieties

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1904O 4B 4.JPG
Spiked 1

The "spiked" 1 in the date is a flaw in the date digit punch or Logotype, and is not in the hub. Leroy has revised his thinking based on different date placements of the 04-O V4,4A,4B; 04-P V3,V3A,V4,V10, 04-S V10, V-12 and V13. Note that the "spiked" 1 only occurs in 1904 at all three mints.

Flawed Logotype Varieties
Slot Date & Mint VAM Comments
1 1904-P VAM-3
2 1904-P VAM-3A
3 1904-P VAM-4
4 1904-P VAM-10
5 1904-O VAM-4
6 1904-O VAM-4A
7 1904-O VAM-4B Hit List 40
8 1904-S VAM-10
9 1904-S VAM-12
10 1904-S VAM-13