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"Feed finger gouges", commonly called "wing top gouges", are sometimes found at the top of the reverse of Morgans. When found, they most commonly appear in and around "OF" and the eagle's left wing tip. They do sometimes also show around the "ST" of "STATES".
1921-P VAM-3AB Wing Top Gouges.jpg
The purpose of this page is to facilitate attribution of coins with these gouges, which are sometimes called "scratches" in the listing text. This page was created on July 10, 2012, and the list below is most likely incomplete. Please add links to appropriate VAMs. Thanks!

  1. 1878-P VAM-14.1A
  2. 1878-S VAM-23
  3. 1878-S VAM-37
  4. 1878-S VAM-37A
  5. 1883-O VAM-34
  6. 1885-P VAM-1D
  7. 1886-P VAM-1I
  8. 1890-O VAM-10
  9. 1900-O VAM-21F

1921 P D1 Feed Fingers

  1. 1921-P VAM-1G
  2. 1921-P VAM-1P
  3. 1921-P VAM 1AA (now VAM 1Q)
  4. 1921-P VAM-1AQ2 maybe?
  5. 1921-P VAM-1AZ
  6. 1921-P VAM-1Bi2 Thread-like Die Impression Eye, Die File Lines Reverse, Die Gouge T
  7. 1921-P VAM-38 Tripled Stars, Doubled Phrygian Cap
  8. 1921-P VAM-38A

1921 P D2 Feed Fingers

  1. 1921-P VAM-3I
  2. 1921-P VAM-3AB
  3. 1921-P VAM-3AD
  4. 1921-P VAM-3AV Scribbling Die Scratches on Tail Feathers
  5. 1921-P VAM-3EX2
  6. 1921-P VAM-3DT Scribbling Die Scratches #81
  7. 1921-P VAM-3DV Scribbling Die Scratches #83
  8. 1921-P VAM-3DX2 dupe, please see VAM-3AD
  9. 1921-P VAM-3FD
  10. 1921-P VAM-3FG Scribbling Die Scratches #120
  11. 1921-P VAM-3FG2 Scribbling Die Scratches #120,Die Gouges OF-A
  12. 1921-P VAM-3FO
  13. 1921-P VAM-3FW Die Gouges ST & OF
  14. 1921-P VAM-3GB
  15. 1921-P VAM-3GI
  16. 1921-P VAM-5A
  17. 1921-P VAM-56A
  18. 1921-P VAM-72A please see VAM-3AB

1921 D Feed Fingers

  1. 1921-D VAM-1B1
  2. 1921-D VAM-1L2

1921 S Feed Fingers

  1. 1921-S VAM-1H
  2. 1921-S VAM-1AJ Denticle Impressions Above Arrow Feathers
  3. 1921-S VAM-1AN Die Gouges Above Wings
  4. 1921-S VAM-1BF Scribbling Die Scratches #15
  5. 1921-S VAM-1CB Clashed Obverse n
  6. 1921-S VAM-1CI Die File Lines and Over Polished Obverse and Reverse
  7. 1921-S VAM-1CR Die File Lines Obverse
  8. 1921-S VAM-1CV Die Polishing Reverse
  9. 1921-S VAM-1CW Die File Lines Obverse & Reverse, Die Gouge F
  10. 1921-S VAM-31 Scribbling Die Scratches, Slightly Doubled Profile

There are 1921-D and likely 1921-S varieties that show feed finger gouges. Please add them as you come across them. Thanks.
Peace Dollars
1922-P VAM-25B

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