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Hob or Punch Shoulder Outlines (so-called "Longacre's Doubling"). Common on many denominations and coinages of the era, world-wide. Certainly not restricted to James B. Longacre's work. Longacre designed the Indian Head Cent.
James B. Longacre was appointed Chief Engraver of the MInt on September 16, 1844, after the death of Christian Gobrecht. Longacre was Chief Engraver until his death on January 1, 1869.
JT Stanton Flyer
1880-P VAM-10 (unofficial)
1880-P VAM 10 Wierd Longacre Doubling.jpg
1880-S VAM-"pending" (Unofficially deemed C3c for study purposes)
RDM 1880-S VAM81 Longacre S2 .jpg
1882-P VAM-"pending" (Unofficially deemed C3a-1 for study purposes)
DJC not1885.jpg DJC not18851.jpg
1885-P VAM-1D
DJC 1885-P S.jpg
1883-CC VAM-3

1883-CC VAM-3 dot

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