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A die break is an opening in the surface of the die that results in a raised metal or field displacement.
Die breaks are often found connecting the rim lettering (or other rim devices). Die breaks can also appear on other parts of the coin. The most famous die break is found on the 1888-O VAM-1B "Scarface" variety for the Morgan Dollar.
Scarface pic.jpg
The most famous die break on the Peace dollars would probably be the Earring 1922-P VAM-2A
1922Pvam2a 1.jpg
Die break and die crack are often used interchangeably, but technically a die break must have a displaced field, or raised metal. A die break is thus thicker than a die crack and usually not as long. Many times, a crack will progress to a break.
While most die Breaks are listable, most die cracks are not, though they can still be used as die markers.
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