Counterfeit VNA Mint Marks

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Various Mint Marks not attributed
Mint Marks from the V-52 Page
Mint Marks from the V-22C1 page
Dcarr coin for review
Full obverse:
Pm VAM 1902-O obv.jpg
Full reverse:
Pm VAM 1902-O rev.jpg
Date placement:
Pm VAM 1902-O line.jpg
Mint mark placement:
Pm VAM 1902-O mm.jpg
Filled "e" of "We" and wide neck-wing gap:
Pm VAM 1902-O we.jpg
Dot by wreath:
Pm VAM 1902-O dot.jpg
Field curvature (one location of many on the coin):
Pm VAM 1902-O curve.jpg