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There are many ways to contribute to our site. we are 100% volunteers to help populate and maintain pages both through text editing or images or both.
here is a short list of contributions that only makes our community better
1- help others, whether its helping new people to post photos or helping with attributions, experience is not mandatory
2- review page text for spelling errors,formatting errors or census tables added to the bottom of the page.
3- if you stumble upon a photo that is extra large and you dont know how to fix it than post on the boards.
4- review the template page for the pages and correct pages as you come accross them.
5- if you dont have photo skills, send your to someone who does and let them phot your coin.
6- heritage,great collections,stacks and bowers are awesome sources for quality photos. after the auction post a link or send to another member for processing and vetting to be placed on the pages. or simply link the auction page to the bottom or top of the page.
7- create a home page for yourself to practice with, it will make your transition easier when you start contributing.
8- post your coin for attribution help, lots of experience on the site, you may or may not get some helpful hints or even a confirmation that what your attribution is right.