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Clashed Die with Letter Transfer (CDLT)

The official VAM listings are numerical. Often times, however, there are additional listings that sort by feature. These secondary listings may be sorted by Date Position, Mint Mark, or Clashed Dies with Letter Transfer (CDLT). Clashed dies with letter transfer are of particular interest because letter transfer may define a variety. Clash marks without letter transfer do not define a variety.
The following guideline regarding clash marks and letter transfer is an excerpt from Guidelines for Things Listed as a Die Variety by Leroy Van Allen.
"Common die clash marks that aren't letters aren't listed (clash marks with no letter transfer). Only clashed letters on obverse and reverse are listed. An exception is on Peace dollars that can have a clashed spike up from the eagles' right shoulder from the obverse back of Liberty's head and neck. Shorter single spikes aren't listed unless they are long enough to reach UN. Double and triple clashed spikes are listed."
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