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A few 1921 Morgan varieties exist for which the bottom serif of the second "S" in "STATES" shows a bean-shaped die break. Here is an example:
1921-D VAM-5C Break Inside-S 2.jpg
1921 D Known bean bottom S varieties are:
1921-D VAM-1M
1921-D VAM-1o (tiny bean)
1921-D VAM-1CI
1921-D VAM-1DK
1921-D VAM-1DU
1921-D VAM-1EC (obverse small bean S in PLURIBUS)
1921-D VAM-1ES
1921-D VAM-5A
1921-D VAM-5B
1921-D VAM-5C
1921-D VAM-5D
1921-D VAM-5E
1921-D VAM-11A (a stage of 21-D VAM-13)
1921-D VAM-11B
1921-D VAM-13
1921 S Known bean bottom S varieties are:
1921-S VAM-15A
1921-S VAM-15B
1921-S VAM-15C
1921-S VAM-15D
1921-S VAM-15E
1921-S VAM-30
1921 P Known bean bottom S varieties are:
1921-P VAM-1 (there is one with a micro-bean, see below)
1921-P VAM-3AX
Unicorn_incognito maintains this page. If you have an example of 1921-P VAM-3AX, please contact him. Additional bean bottom candidates and notes:
1- Leroy has deemed the beans on the 1921-D VAM-1M and 1921-D VAM-1CI too small to list.
2- The 1921-P VAM-3CW scribbling scratches variety may be the EDS of the 1921-P VAM-3AX.
3- The 1921-D VAM-1AE1 has a bean break in the top of the S.
In April 2008, the 1921-S VAM-1AH and 1921-S VAM-1AQ (both bean bottom S varieties) were incorporated into the VAM-1M, which was separated into three stages. Then in March 2009, all of the 1921-S VAM-1M varieties were moved under the 1921-S VAM-15 heading, when the original 1921-S VAM-15A was found to be a late die stage of 1921-S VAM-1M3.
In April 2009, a VAMworld contributor discovered a tiny bean bottom S on a 1921-P VAM-1 (17 Berry Reverse). The coin is not listable beyond VAM-1 status, but it is noteworthy as the only true bean die break for the 1921-P. The break on the 1921P VAM-3AX is really more of a thick die crack. Photo below is of this 21-P VAM-1 Bean:
1921-P VAM-1 D1 reverse tiny bean bottom S.jpg
In April 2009, another VAMworld contributor discovered the existence of a 1921-D with the presence of a tiny bean and a second "flattened" bean. This coin turned out to be the 1921-D VAM-1DK, a super variety that was previously unknown as having a bean bottom S.
TW 1921 D BB 12.jpg
TW 1921 D BB 1.jpg
In December 2009 Leroy listed 1921-D VAM-1DF2 as a bean bottom variety, but it was found to be the same as 1921-D VAM-5D and eliminated.
Also note that 1921-D VAM-1AE has a bean in the top of the S.
The exact cause of the bean bottom effect is under investigation, but it is interesting that the effect occurred at all three mints in 1921. Judging from presumed EDS Bean Bottom S varieties, it seems that the bean evolves from a small die crack, but the convergence of this feature across mints is still intriguing.
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