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Hello Members
this is just an idea to help raise funds for the operating cost of VAMWorld, which is currently $400.00 and we are over storage allotment so a future cost may push this us up to $1000.00 package with unlimited storage.
This is an idea and any and all suggestions are welcome.
Auction Rules- pending site approval
1- 24 Hour Auction with reserve or without a reserve
any new bid restarts the 24 hour clock so if little Timmy bid $16.00 and 10:32am and then Suzy Morgan bids $19.00 at 11;00 pm then the auction 24 hour clock restarts another 24 hour period from 11;00 pm which means if no bids after Suzy then the auction ends the next day at 11:00 pm
2- You may want a reserve on you coin you must send that reserve to one of the admins at VW before you post your coin or include the reserve amount in the body of text for the start of the auction.
3- shipping shall be deemed included from the auctioneer/seller unless other wise stated in the body of the text at the start of the auction.
4- All proceeds go directly to the SSDC which pays the cost operating for VAMWorld
5- Not paying for your auction win within 48 hours you forfeit the auction and the seller can re-list or offer to next highest bidder . sellers choice
Please vote below to see if there is enough interest in this type of format for our site.
Tcast your vote click edit up above and simply type a Y under YES or NO
Vote Yes
Vote No