99-O VAM-30

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I think this is a vam-30. What do you think?


P1040736.jpg P1040740-a.jpg P1040746.jpg P1040749.jpg



nice crarks between R & I of AMERICA


Sentry02 Aug 21, 2008
Looks like a good match to me.


cfares Aug 21, 2008
On the obverse, features to the right of the 1, and 8, and inside the first 9 look right on. The progression of the die crack through the 1, towards the 8 seems to indicate a later die state. Reverse: mintmark position seems right, but the VAM-30 description I have doesn't mention the gouge/scratch across the upper tail feathers. But it looks like VAM-30 to me. -Charles

Sentry02 Aug 21, 2008
Not sure that scratch would get listed in this instance. Rather likely used as a die marker.


mitzydog Aug 22, 2008