1922-P Clashed Die Attribution

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1922-P Clashed Die Attribution

There are a number of 1922-P clashed die states that differ mainly in the orientation of the obverse and reverse dies when clashes occured. I've arranged the images by degree of rotation.
1922-P VAM-2BU PLATE 25 OCT 2010.jpg
1922-P VAM-41A Double Clash Spikes.jpg
Discoveries 002.jpg
1922-P VAM-2AP Triple Clash Spikes.jpg
1922-P VAM-18A Double Clash Spikes.jpg
1922-P VAM-2AQ Close Dbl Clash Spikes.jpg

VAM-2BP Close Double Spikes

1922-P VAM-2BD Long Spike 4.jpg1922-P VAM-2BD Long Clash Spike 4.jpg
1922-P VAM-2AV Long Spike 3.jpg

1922-P VAM-3A

Ja22p 2DQ long.jpg
1922-P VAM-2AB Dbl Clash Spike.jpg

1922-P VAM-2AG

1922-P VAM-2CD

1922-P VAM-2AA Clash Spike Shoulder.jpg