1903-O VAM-22

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1903-O VAM-22 Slanted Date, Doubled Profile, Die Gouge Eagle's Upper Body

Discovery 2019 by Alan Scott aka LateDateMorganGuy.

III2 13 - C4a (Slanted Date, Doubled Profile, Die Gouge Eagle's Upper Body) (181) I-5 R-6
Obverse III2 13 - Slightly slanted date in normal lateral position with 3 higher than 1. Doubled liberty head profile from forehead down to jaw bottom. Die Marker- Die polishing lines in TY of LIBERTY.
Reverse C4a - Series of long closely spaced together die gouges from middle of wing-body intersection of eagles left wing extends up to wing-neck junction. There, an 0.015" long overlapping die gouge transfers over 0.020" to right side and goes up and along wing inside edge to field with thin shallow 0.010" wide polished gouge portion up to edge of eagles head. Upper gouge continues at top edge of eagle's head. Total length of lower gouge portion is 0.125" and overlapping upper portion is 0.220" long for a total length of 0.345". Longest continuous die gouge in Morgan dollar series. Gouge likely caused by contact of denticle space edge 0.010" wide from another Morgan die.
Two short additional gouges at eagle's head edge above eye, two small gouges on lower arrow shaft right side and short thin vertical die scratch in wing adjacent to wing-body gouges.

Comments: Excerpt from LVA's Discovery Letter


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Discovery Coin VAM-22 full Coin Images by John Baumgart at Untitled-TrueColor-1xxx.jpg . Attributed by Leroy Van Allen.

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