1902-O VAM-96

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1902-O VAM-96 Privately Made, Micro O, Near Date

Discovery 2015 By Rick DeSanctis
96 (Privately made) III2 Type - C3h (Near Date,Small Micro O Tilted Far Right) (181)
Obverse III2 Type-Date set further left than normal in same lateral position as VAMs 63 & 67 counterfeits. Different die but likely cast die copy of same genuine 1902 coin. Same indent between 7th left star & E as VAMs 63 & 67, plus same raised dot in lower right hair vee. Fine raised dots in fields and rounded edges where design meets fields. Related to Micro O series thru same copied coin as 1902 VAM 67 that has same reverse as 1900 VAM 52 that has same obverse as 1900 VAM 5 Micro O.
ReverseC3h- C3 type with small Micro I O mint mark set slightly high and centered with tilt far to right, die copied from 1899 O VAM 6 Micro O reverse coin. Heavy raised dots around wreath leaves above AR in DOLLAR, typical of casting flaws and same die as 1901 O VAM 42 Micro O. Doesn't match any of dot patterns of three reverse dies used for 1896, 1900, & 1902 Micro O counterfeits. Rounded design where it meets the field. Diameter was 1.490--1.491" about same as 1900 O VAM 22C1, 1901 O VAM 42 Micro O, & 1902 O VAMS 63 & 67 counterfeits.


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LVA Plate Photos:

1902-OVam96a 001 (640x556).jpg 1902-OVAM96b 001.jpg
1902-OVAM96c 001 (620x640).jpg 1896-OVAM96d 001.jpg
1902-OVAM-96e 001 (640x635).jpg 1902-OVAM96f 001 (589x640).jpg
1902-OVAM96g 001 (640x604).jpg 1902-OVAM96h 001 (624x640).jpg
1902-OVAM96j 001 (574x640).jpg 1902-OVAM96i 001 (640x635).jpg
1902-OVAM96l 001 (624x640).jpg 1902-OVAM96k 001 (630x640).jpg

Additional Photos:

New1902MicroOeRDS (1019x1024).jpg New1902MicroOgRDS (1024x776).jpg

New1902MicroOhRDS (1024x773).jpg New1902MicroOcRDS (1024x772).jpg

Full Coin Photos

'Discovery Coin Copyrighted© VAM-96 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy Rick Desanctis ATTRIBUTED BY'Leroy Van Allen

New1902MicroObRDS (1024x1004).jpg