1902-O VAM-67

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1902-O VAM-67 (Privately made) Near Date, O Tilted Right

Discovery 2009
67 III2 type- C3 type ( Near Date, O Tilted Right) (181)
Obverse - Date set further left than normal in same position as VAM 63 counterfeit. Likely cast die copy of same genuine 1902 coin. Fine casting pitting raised dots around motto letters and stars. Rounded edges where design meets fields.
Die marker - Die gouge in two denticle spaces below Liberty head neck point.
Reverse - C3 type with narrow gap between eagle's left wing and neck. Medium III O mint mark slightly high with slight tilt to right in same position as 1900 O VAM 22C1 counterfeit. Likely cast die copy of same genuine coin reverse as 1900 O VAM 22C1. Rounded designwhere it meets the field.
Die marker - Faint fine die crack at top of STAT.

1. For more information about this contemporary counterfeit and other similar pieces, see Micro O and Other Counterfeit Morgan and Peace Dollars by Leroy Van Allen.


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The C3 design was obsolete in 1902. Only three marriages (02-O VAMs 3, 63 and 67) use this hub style and all have been determined to be counterfeit.

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