1901-O VAM-67

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1901-O VAM-67 (Privately made) Slanted Date, Medium O Mint Mark

Discovery by Brian Raines, 2013
67(privately made) (Slanted Date, Medium O Mint Mark) (181)
Obverse - Slanted date with right 1 higher than left 1 and date at right edge of the normal lateral position. Slightly rounded edges where field meets design. no die cracks or polishing lines in LIBERTY or cotton boll stems. Die defects-Die chip at I in PLUIBUS and lines at 5_6 left stars.
Reverse - Normal medium III O mint mark with C4 reverse design type. Slightly rounded edges where fields meets design. no die cracks or polishing lines on eagle. Die defects-Heavy curved raised lines in field below eagle's right wing. Collar diameter varied from 1.491-1.497", same as 1900o VAMC22v2 and 1901o VAM 61 counterfeits.

LVA Plate Photos:

Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-main.jpg Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-maina.jpg

Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-mainaa.jpg Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-mainaaa.jpg

Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-mainaaaa.jpg Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-mainaaaaa.jpg

Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-mainaaaaaa.jpg Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-mainaaaaaaa.jpg

Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-mainaaaaaaaa.jpg Occ-br-1901-o-v67-disc-10-15-13-mainaaaaaaaaa.jpg


Additional Photos:

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