1901-O VAM-44

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1901-O VAM-44 (Privately Made) Filled 9, Medium O Mint Mark

44 (Privately Made)III2 - C3a (Filled 9, Medium O Mint Mark ) (181)
Obverse - Partially filled loops of 9 & 0 similar to VAM-42 counterfeit and possibly the same die with same date position. Casting pitting raised dots around motto letters, front of lips & neck-jaw junction in field, around designer's initial M and in LIBERTY letters. Rounded edges where design, date and stars meet fields.
Reverse - Medium III O mint mark centered and upright. Casting pitting raised dots below eagle's wings and tail feathers and around wreath bow and motto letters. Die crack at top of TED, which is an exact match for the crack found on US Mint-made 1900 O/CC VAM-11. Rounded edges where design meets field.

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Large Full Coin Photos Courtesy of: Daniel Carr and ATTRIBUTION by: LVA.