1900-S VAM-25

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1900-S VAM-25 (privately made) Near Date, Doubled Ear & E DOLLA

Discovery August 2016 by Larry Beck
Privately made (Near Date, Doubled Ear & E DOLLA ) (189)
Obverse - Near date. Over polished lower hair with gaps. Doubled ear on left inside and right outside. Die scratch thru top of top right cotton leaf. Raised dot between 5 & 6 left stars and upper right outside of R in PLURIBUS. No die polishing lines in LIBERTY or in hair. Concentric tracing lines around center point just above ear in hair that show inside and below ear and in coin depressions around wheat leaves and top of forehead. Tracing line spacing of 0.002" - 0.003" to copy genuine coin.
Reverse - C3 type reverse with IV S mintmark in normal position with slight shift to right. Doubled bottom of E DOLLA. Vertical line inside U of UNITED. Raised dot below n of In and slight dot lower right of F in OF plus between AM of AMERICA. No polishing lines on eagle or wreaths.



LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Discovery Coin: Doubled ear with tracer lines,
00s v24 ear jpr.jpg
Discovery Coin: Gouge thru cotton leaf
00s v24 gouge cotton leaf jpr.jpg
Discovery Coin: Lump under n of In
00s v24 lump under in jpr.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Discovery Coin Photos of VAM-24 Courtesy of John Roberts and ATTRIBUTED BY LVA