1900-O VAM-62

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1900-O VAM-62 (Privately made) Slanted Date, Later C4 Reverse

Discovery by Brady Johnson November 2015
62 (Privately made) (Slanted Date, Later C4 Reverse) (181)
Obverse - Slanted date in normal lateral position with 1 closest to rim. Same copied coin as 1900-O VAM-60 counterfeit but different die. Vam-60 has numerous raised dots whereas this obverse has only a few raised dots at 9. Also has short raised line at right U in PLURIBUS.
Reverse - Same counterfeit cast die as 1893-O VAM-6 counterfeit. Double lines at wing edge below left S in STATES, raised lumps right side of D in UNITED, raised dots at olive and raised dot at fifth feather from bottom of eagle's right wing. O mint mark set slightly left. Later C4 reverse type with wide wing-neck gap.



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