1900-O VAM-59

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1900-O VAM-59 (Privately made) Very Near Date, Medium O Mint Mark

Discovery 2014 - Paul Vandenberg (hackly)
59{Privately made) III2 3 - C3a (Very Near Date, Medium O Mint Mark) (181)
Obverse III2 3 - Same counterfeit die as for VAMs VAM-5, VAM-22C1, VAM-22C2, VAM-52 counterfeits with same three lines between UM of UNUM. Likely latest die state.
Reverse C3A - Medium III O mint mark centered and upright with raised curved vertical line to left of O mint mark and short raised curved line at lower right outside of copy of genuine 1900 O/CC VAM 11 with same die crack thru TED of UNITED. Same copied coin as 1896-O VAM-27 and 1901-O VAM-44 counterfeits, but different die. C3 type reverse.

LVA Comments:

  1. Discovery letter: Pretty clear left curved line and short line on rt side of VAM 11 O/CC! A nice find - now collectors have to watch out for counterfeit 1900 O VAM 11 that show underlying CC.


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  2. Coin World article [Nov. 1, 2014]

LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

O/CC visible. (Discovery coin shown)

Gouges between UM of UNUM seen on all 1900-O counterfeits of this family. (Discovery coin shown)

Copied die crack between ED of UNITED. (Discovery coin shown)

Faint die cracks by the left star and U in UNITED copied form host coin. (Discovery coin shown)

Indentation in field above cap near wheat leaves copied from host coin. (Discovery coin shown)

Indentation in field right of date copied from host coin. (Discovery coin shown)

Full Coin Photos

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