1900-O VAM-52

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1900-O VAM-52 (Privately made) Very Near Date, Very High O

Discovery March 2009,BJV
52(Privately made) III23 · C3r (Very Near Date, Very High O ) (181)
Obverse III23– Date set much further left than normal. Three long die scratches from rim between UN in UNUM. Same counterfeit die as used for 1900 O VAM 5 micro O.
Same indents in field at top of cap and upper right of right 0 in date as 1900 O VAM-5, VAM-22C1 and VAM-22C2.
Reverse C3r– III O mint mark set very high near wreath bow and centered and upright. Cast counterfeit
reverse die of C3 type. Narrow gap between eagle's left wing and neck of 3C type. Very high and upright medium III O mint mark.
Raised area flaw next to wreath above AR in DOLLAR. Short die gouge at U in UNITED. Series of vertical die gouges from Eagle's
right wing tip down thru ED and between ITE of UNITED. Small series of vertical double die gouges just inside the right wreath
middle. Rounded design edges where meets fields. Possibly cast die copy of 1900-O VAM-40 coin.


  1. 1900 O Counterfeit articles by LVA.


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LVA Plate Photos:

1900-O-V52-COUNTERFEIT-1.jpg 1900-O-V52-COUNTERFEIT-2.jpg
1900-O-V52-COUNTERFEIT-3.jpg 1900-O-V52-COUNTERFEIT-4.jpg

Additional Photos:

Date Position:
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