1900-O VAM-16A

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1900-O VAM-16A Doubled 1, O Tilted Right, Die Gouge Wing-Neck

Discovered by Crae Morton, March 2007.
16A III2 10 • C3b (Doubled 1, O Tilted Right, Die Gouge Wing-Neck) (189)
Reverse C3b - Heavy, short die gouge between eagle's left wing and neck.

Emission Sequence


  1. This variety shows the 1 in the date slightly doubled at the bottom of the upper crossbar and a short, but sizeable die gouge between the eagle's left wing and neck.
  2. This is likely a different die pair from VAM 16. The coin shown in the VAM book as VAM 16 may be VAM 16A based on the date position, but it's not conclusive. Closer study of both coins is necessary.


LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

Doubled 1. Note Faint Die Cracks on either side of the 1:
00 O vam16A doub1.jpg
Reverse die gouge(s) between eagle's neck and left wing:
00 O vam16A rev gouge.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM-16A Images © [Heritage Auctions], used with permission. Attributed by discoverer Crae Morton