1898-P VAM-2A

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1898-P VAM-2A Closed 9, Die Gouges Eagle’s Shoulder & Wings

Discovered by John Roberts, June 2004.
Revised 2017
2A (revised) III2 2 · C3a (Closed 9, Die Gouges Eagle’s Shoulder & Wings) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 2 - Date in normal lateral position with very slight slant with right 8 higher than 1. Vertical die scratch at left side of right 8 lower loop. Die marker - Die scratch through middle of E in LIBERTY.
Reverse C3a – Heavily striated die gouge lines at top of eagle’s right shoulder. Diagonal die scratches at top of eagle's right wing, and also in middle of inner and outer feathers, lower wing-body, wing-neck gap junction, and gouge at wing-leg junction of eagle's left wing. Two rough die scratches above eagle's left wing tip.
1. VAMs 2A and 2B are unrelated marriages according to the discoverer of the VAM-2A, John Roberts.
2. Since VAM numbers are assigned by die classification, and not just by die pairing, multiple die pairings may exist.

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LVA Plate Photos:

1898-P VAM-2A Gouges Shoulder.jpg
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Additional Photos:

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Full Coin Photos

Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-2A Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions]© ATTRIBUTED BY John Roberts at ANACS

Full Coin Copyrighted© PCGS MS-63 VAM-2A Images on loan to VAMWorld courtesy of Andrew Wojtowich (andywoj00). Attributed by Andrew Wojtowich.
Note the weak wreath clash at the bottom rear of cap. Cap vee clash visible on the reverse RW1. Long crack at the base of the wreath bow.

Finest Known MS67 Deep Mirror Prooflike
1898 $1 MS67 Deep Mirror Prooflike PCGS. Ex: Jack Lee 1/Jack Lee 2. This coin is an anomaly when it comes to 1898 Morgan dollars. Coins with the depth of mirrors and exceptional contrast are extremely rare. The present example seems to have it all. Wayne Miller wrote in The Morgan and Peace Dollar Textbook: "Most prooflike pieces are brilliant rather than cameo, with fields that are not deeply mirrored. Other pieces may exhibit adequate mirror surfaces, but are lacking in luster or reflectiveness. A gem prooflike 1898-P dollar which exhibits good contrast between field and devices is a rare coin." At the time these words are written in June, 2012 PCGS has certified 16,313 1898 Morgan dollars. Of that total, only 390 (2.3%) have been assigned the Deep Mirror Prooflike designation, and just 72 of those have also been given a grade of MS65 or finer.
A quick glance fails to differentiate between this piece and a Superb Gem proof, although proofs have deeper mirrored fields than those that are found on this amazing business strike. The surfaces are entirely brilliant, with frosty and lustrous devices that seem to float over the fields. The existing contrast is so much better than usually seen on an 1898-P dollar. There is no evidence of toning on either side of this beauty. This is the single finest example that PCGS has ever certified, with no comparable NGC certified pieces.
Ex: FUN Signature (Heritage, 1/2009), lot 5050, where it brought $23,000.