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NO business strikes known to exist.
Listing below were generated solely based upon one's observations and have NOT been reviewed by LVA. If anyone elects to send theirs for Leroy's examination and review; then the newly assign VAM number will take precedence over this listing. The Die number used citing an article by JP Martin titled '1895 Proof Dollar Die Study'. We encourage anyone to update and contribute further. Some images on loan to VAMworld courtesy [Heritage Auctions

Die 1

Normal Date
1895-P Proof Die1 Date.jpg
Normal Ear
1895-P Proof Die1 Ear.jpg
Legend polishing lines
1895-P Proof Die1 Legend.jpg
Wing tail
1895-P Proof Die1 TailPolishing.jpg

Die 2

Normal Date with bottom loop of 9 filled
1895-P Proof Die2 Date.jpg
Deformed ear fill
1895-P Proof Die2 Ear.jpg
Legend polishing lines
1895-P Proof Die2 Legend.jpg
Wing tail polishing lines
1895-P Proof Die2 TailPolishing.jpg
The lower loop of the 9 has a distinctive fill
95 dp2 filled 9.jpg
Even in low grades, this die can be positively identified by a strong die gouge
that exagerates the inner ear fill
95 dp2 ear gouge.jpg
Multiple strong lines cross the cap band
95 dp2 lines cap band.jpg
Die scratches are found inside both legs at the upper tail feathers
95 dp2 upper tail feathers.jpg
A short gouge is found inside the loop of the bow, as well as die lines outside it
95 dp2 wreath bow.jpg

Die 3

Normal Date
1895-P Proof Die3 Date.jpg
Double polishing lines
1895-P Proof Die3 Ear.jpg
Die gouge E of LIBERTY
1895-P Proof Die3 Legend.jpg
Wing tail polishing lines
1895-P Proof Die3 TailPolishing.jpg

Die 4

Far Date
1895-P Proof Die4 Date.jpg
Heavy polishing lines within hair
1895-P Proof Die4 Hair.jpg
Wing tail
1895-P Proof Die4 TailPolishing.jpg
Fairly strong doubling may be noted along the profile, particularly at the lips
95 dp4 doubled lips.jpg
Heavy die scratches around the cotton bolls and leaves
95 dp4 cotton bolls.jpg
A couple of small scratches are found next to the right leg
95 dp4 leg scratch.jpg
Pattern of die lines in the wing - neck gap
95 dp4 wing gap.jpg

Die 2

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© 1895 Proof NGC-67 DIE #2 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy [Heritage Auctions] [Read the description and see the plates.]

Die 3

On another topic from earlier in this thread, a stunning example of the 1895 Proof Die Pair 3 crossed the block tonight.[[1]]
Die 3 photos are High Resolution so you can blow up BIG

Die 4

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© Proof Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY PCGS

Camera.jpg Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg Full-Coin CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg VAM-Delisted.jpgWhite camera Black Border04112011.jpg Pcgsvam.jpg