1894-O VNA-B

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1894-O VNA-B

Discovery 2017 by Daniel Carr
(Privately made) (Normal Date, Medium O Mint Mark) (180)
A die struck counterfeit coin with rounded design where meets field.
The obverse die matches 1894-O VNA-A
But the reverse die does not match ANY previously-reported privately-made coin.
But neither coin is related to the known Micro O or medium O mint mark counterfeit series. So no VAM # assigned since not related. May be later this coin and 1900-O of Brady Johnson will eventually be shown to be part of one of these known series.

  1. Privately Made.


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Additional Photos

Dc morg 1894-O VAM-15 obv.jpg
Dc morg 1894-O VAM-15 rev.jpg
Obverse denticles deformed at 7:00 :
Dc morg 1894-O VAM-15 1.jpg
Dc morg 1894-O VAM-15 2.jpg
Dash between "R" of DOLLAR and star :
Dc morg 1894-O VAM-15 3.jpg
Die scratches "AM" to wreath :
Dc morg 1894-O VAM-15 4.jpg
Mint mark placement very high and left, die defect at denticles below "O" of DOLLAR :
Dc morg 1894-O VAM-15 5.jpg
Clashed lips outline at wreath (no corresponding wreath clash at lips on obverse) :
Dc morg 1894-O VAM-15 6.jpg
Die crack through "R" of AMERICA :
Dc morg 1894-O VAM-15 7.jpg