1893-O VAM-9

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1893-O VAM-9 Type C3 Reverse

Discovered by Daniel Carr, February 2021
9 (Privately made) (Type C3 Reverse) (181)
Obverse - Date at normal lateral position set a little to right, same as 1893-O VAMs 6, 7 and 8 counterfeits. Same raised lump at denticle above B in PLURIBUS. Earlier die state VAM's 6,7 and 8.

Reverse - Normal C3 type reverse with III O mint mark set high, slightly to right and upright. Different die than 1893 O VAM 8 with C3 type reverse. Unique die defects include die gouge in U of UNITED, spike thru left star, slanted die gouge betweeen E & D of ONE DOLLAR. Horizontal polishing lines on lower reverse. Collar diameter of 1.490" same as other counterfeits. Coin Ring, weight and reeding count of 181 normal. Rounded design where meets field with shallow somewhat mushy design.


  1. Privately made.
  2. LVA Discovery Letter


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LVA Plate Photos:

DC LVA 1893o VAM-9 03.jpg

Additional Photos:

DC 1893o VAM-9 U.jpg DC 1893o VAM-9 O.jpg
DC 1893o VAM-9 B.jpg DC 1893o VAM-9 obv.jpg
DC 1893o VAM-9 rev.jpg

Full Coin Photos

DC 1893o VAM-9 obv.jpg

DC 1893o VAM-9 rev.jpg