1893-O VAM-8

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1893-O VAM-8 Type C3 Reverse

Discovered by Daniel Carr, December 2015
8 (Privately made) (Type C3 Reverse) (181)
Obverse - Date at normal lateral position set a little to right, same as 1893-O VAMs 6 & 7 counterfeits. Raised lump
at denticle above B in PLURIBUS, same as VAM-6 counterfeit.
Reverse - Normal C3 type reverse. III O mint mark set a little high, upright and slightly to right. Four wide doubled denticles below E, D, right L in DOLLAR and right star. Both ends of wreath unusually thin. Collar diameter about same as counterfeits 1893-O VAMs 6 & 7, 1896-O VAM-25, and micro O related counterfeits 1900-O VAM-22C1, 1901-O Micro O VAM-42, and 1902-O VAM-67. Possible small black indents on obverse and reverse likely from melt impurities. About correct physical characteristics, including weight, ring, and reeding count.


  1. Privately made.
  2. LVA Discovery Letter


LVA Plate Photos:

Dc morg 1893-O VAM-8 LVA pic.jpg

Additional Photos:

Dc morg 1893-O VAM-8 date.jpg Dc morg 1893-O VAM-8 stars.jpg
Dc morg 1893-O VAM-8 dash.jpg Dc morg 1893-O VAM-8 mm.jpg
Dc morg 1893-O VAM-8 denticle.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Dc morg 1893-O VAM-8 obv.jpg

Dc morg 1893-O VAM-8 rev.jpg