1889-P doubled ear VAMs

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1889 P Doubled Ears

For your convenience, the known 1889-P doubled ear varieties are shown below. This is a work in progress, and we still need Cotton Boll images for all the Varieties listed. When completed, this page should help greatly with attribution, as pinpointing 1889-P doubled ear VAMs is a difficult task indeed. Although 40 89-P Doubled Ear varieties have been discovered as of 2013, only four are members of the Hot 50 Morgan VAMs: the 1889-P VAM-16, 1889-P VAM-18, 1889-P VAM 18a and 1889-P VAM-20.

Near Date

1889-P VAM-27 Near Date
RonH V27 Double Ear.jpgRonH v27 Cotton Boll.jpg

Normal Date

1889-P VAM-15
The PUP to the right of the die scratch above states is a lock for this VAM-15
RonH VAM-15 EAR.jpgRev PUP Lock on VAM-15.jpg
1889-P VAM-20
1889 vam 20 doubled ear.jpgRonH VAM-20 Scratch ON Cap.jpg
1889-P VAM-30
1889-P VAM-30 Dbld Ear.jpgRonH VAM-30 Polishing in Bolls.jpg
1889-P VAM-36
1889-P-36-jbc-ear.jpg1889-P-36-jbc-rev2.jpg1889-P VAM-36 feathers.jpg1889-P-36-jbc-obv1.jpg
1889-P VAM-37
1889-P VAM-46
1889-P VAM-46 ear.jpg
1889-P VAM-47
1889-P VAM-47 ear.jpg
1889-P VAM-49
1889 VAM-49 Dbl Ear.jpg
1889-P VAM-51 Eliminated (duplicate) -LDS 1889-P VAM-30
1889-P VAM-52
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1889-P VAM-58 Doubled Ear 'Possible 'Conflict (duplication) With VAM-27

Normal Slanted Date

1889-P VAM-7A (High 9 effective a slanted date)
1889-P VAM-7B
1889-P VAM-33
1889-P VAM-33 ear.jpg

Far Date

1889-P VAM-3
889-P VAM-3A Doubled 1889 & Ear, Far Date, Sunken Obverse Die
1889-P VAM-3 Dbld Ear2.jpg
1889-P VAM-3 Dbld Ear1.jpg
1889-P VAM-6


1889-P VAM-16
1889-P VAM-16 Dbld Ear.jpg
1889-P VAM-21
SWH2 1889P VAMxx Ear.jpg
1889-P VAM-24 8 in Denticles Note the heavy gouge at the end of hair ribbon.


1889-P VAM-25
1889-P VAM-25 ear.jpg
1889-P VAM-28
Rej1889 vam28a obv1.jpg
1889-P+VAM-28A Pitted DO
1889-P VAM-31
89 v31 ear.jpg89 v31 liberty.jpg
1889-P VAM-38 2 spike gouges from ear toward hair. There is one other VAM that has something similar so be sure you match the position.
1889 RonH VAM-38 EAR.jpg
1889-P VAM-39
1889-P VAM-39 ear.jpg1889 RonH VAM-39 Cotton Bolls 11082013.jpg
1889-P VAM-40
1889-P VAM-40 Dbld Ear.jpg1889-P VAM-40 Lines in Nose.jpg
1889-P VAM-42
1889-P VAM-42 Dbld Ear.jpg
Camera.jpg1889-P VAM-57 Doubled Ear, Far Date, High 9
Diagnostic - Two short die scratches in hair right of jaw-neck junction. .
They are above the two red dots shown here. In this series there are quite a few high 9's. The tip off for spotting this VAM is the date and lower hair all the way to the ear is quite void of polishing, almost pristine surfaces. Unusually clean for this series so a quick glance where the PUP's live placed it as a 57.
1889 RonH VAM-57 OBV 11142015for EAR PAGE.jpg
Camera.jpg1889-P VAM-60 Doubled Ear, Far Date *NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1889-P VAM-61 Doubled Ear, Far Date *NEW 2014*

Very Far Date

1889-P VAM-32
1889-P VAM-32 Dbld Ear.jpg
1889-P VAM-41
1889-P VAM-41 Dbld Ear.jpg1889-P VAM-41 Line Above R.jpg
1889-P VAM-44 PUP for this coin is a slightly die scratch across TY
1889 RonH VAM-44 OBV EAR.jpg1889 RonH VAM-44 OBV LIBERTY.jpg
1889-P VAM-45
1889-P VAM-45 Dbld Ear.jpg
1889-P VAM-53
1889 P VAM53 VP 1.jpg
1889-P VAM-54

Very Far Slanted Date

1889-P VAM-18 very far slanted Die chip apparently is on both the VAM-18 and VAM-18A, Nobody has found an 18 without the die chip.
1889-P-18A-jbc-ear.jpg1889-P VAM-18A Die Cip Cap.jpg

1889-P VAM-63 Doubled Ear, Very Far Slanted Date *New 2017*