1888-O VAM-1B

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1888-O VAM-1B "Scar Face" Die Break Obverse (late die stages only)

Discovered by Martin Field, February 1979.
This coin is a Top 100 and a WOW! Morgan VAM.
The progression of the die break is now recognized as die states 1888-O VAM-1B1, 1888-O VAM-1B2, 1888-O VAM-1B3, and 1888-O VAM-1B4.
1- 1888-O VAM-1B "Scarface". The mother of all Morgan Die breaks. This coin has a massive die break cutting right across Liberty's cheek. Typically found in baggy MS, most scarface coins apparently didn't circulate. Prices for this incredible naked-eye visible variety has exploded in recent years. This is a tremendously desirable coin with few samples available.
2- The 1888-O VAM-1B comes in a number of stages, most of which are early die state (EDS) coins that are not "Scarface". Most of these EDS stages are worth much less than a true "Scarface". Before you buy a coin that a seller claims is a "Scarface", please do your research so that you know what you're really getting. The link to the VAMview issue that has the article on the Harrison Stages of the 1B is - [[1]]

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