1885-O VAM-24

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1885-O VAM-24 Doubled Ear Right & Arrows

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie January 2005, Revised 2017 by Nate Mailliard
24 (revised) III2 15 · C3f (Doubled Ear Right & Arrows) (181)
Obverse III2 15– Ear slightly doubled at right inside, right outside and bottom outside.
Die marker- Diagonal polishing line in at bottom of left T in LIBERTY.
Die marker- Short diagonal die scratch in hair at right outside of ear and short vertical polishing line in front of mouth.
Reverse C3f– Slight doubling on bottom of arrow feathers, shafts and heads. III O mint mark shifted slightly right.
Die marker- Diagonal polishing lines in eagle's wing-neck gap.
Die marker- Four raised smooth die gouges left side of eagle's right leg.

Emission Sequence


  1. Horizontal die gouge in the hair to the right of ear and die chip on upper lip.
  2. C3f reverse of 1885-O VAM-16.
  3. Some of the specimens of this VAM come with the "Belly Button" striking error. See definitions from the home page.


  1. Letter from LVA with comments on the "belly button" feature on eagle's breast feathers.

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