1883-O VAM-11

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1883-O VAM-11 High 8, O Tilted Slightly Right

Discovered by Leonard Hinckley, February 1974.
11 III2 5 - C3h (High 8, O Tilted Slightly Right) (181) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 5- Second 8 set higher than first 8 and 3. Faint doubling at bottom of 1 and at bottom inside of 3's lower loop.
Reverse C3h- Mint mark centered and tilted slightly right.

1. The date is in the centered normal position, with the center of the 1 directly centered over the 4th denticle to the right of the bust point. It is tilted slightly left however. The second 8 was punched higher than the prepunched 18 and the 3 digit.
2. It appears this variety is an earlier die state of the VAM 57


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The 1 is doubled slightly below the upper and lower crossbars. The 3 is doubled inside the bottom of the lower loop.
1883-O-11-jbc-1.jpg 1883-O-11-jbc-3.jpg
The mint mark is centered and punched with a right tilt.
An obverse die marker is the cluster of die scratches inside the ear.
The dies were at one point weakly clashed. The distinct associated relative die rotation can be best seen in the clash at the top of the right wreath on the reverse. This corresponds to a position of the neck clash at the right edge of the left lower serif on the "n" of "In" in the IGWT motto.

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