1882 O Over S

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In 1882 Three different New Orleans dies were prepared using dies originally created for the San Francisco mint, making the famous 1882 O/S or O over S varieties. There are three known 1882 O/S varieties: VAM-3, VAM-4, and VAM-5. The mint marks changed over the life of the striking, evolving so that more of the S crossbar showed. In all cases, the EDS versions are much more rare and desirable than the late die states.
1882-O/S VAM-3 "Flush" EDS and LDS
1882 o s vam3eds rev b.jpg
1882-O/S VAM-4 "Recessed" EDS and LDS
1882 os vam4eds lds ba.jpg
1882-O/S VAM 5 "Broken" EDS and LDS
1882o s vam5edslds.jpg