1878-P VAM-41C

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1878-P VAM-41C 7/4TF, Clashed Obverse In & st "Bearded Lady"

Discovered Mar 2004 by Mark Kimpton
This coin is a Super CD Morgan Vam.
41C II 2 · B/Ak (4TF, Clashed Obverse In & st) (179)
Obverse II 2– Strong die clash marks with partial incuse In of In God from reverse showing next to Liberty head neck and partial incuse st of Trust from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge. Later clashed die state of VAM 41A.
DPIS – In 1878 dates were part of the master die so there is no variation in position.

Emission Sequence


  1. This VAM has a LOT going on...7/8 TF, clashed dies lettering, polished dies, "bearded" Lady Liberty... Examine a VAM-41-C & you see what VAM collecting is all about. This variety is last stage of the die state progression: 1878-P VAM-41, 1878-P VAM-41B, 1878-P VAM-41A, 1878-P VAM-41C. The suffixes are not in die progression order because of the times of discovery were not in order.


LVA Plate Photos:

1878-P VAM-41A Clashed In.jpg 1878 P VAM 41C Clashed st.jpg

Additional Photos:

The strong obverse clash defines the 41C. This was the former late die stage of VAM 41A until 2004.
Here is the beard and the outstanding "In" clash:
Rob Joyce 1878-P VAM-41c beard INclash - Copy.jpg

1878p vam41c.jpg
Here are the tailfeathers. This is the polished-down state of the 1878-P VAM-41 (and/or 1878-P VAM-41B). Same tailfeathers as 1878-P VAM-41A:

1878-P VAM-41c tailfeathers.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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