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The Newman Numismatic Portal is an important resource for any numismatist, containing a searchable treasure trove of old periodicals, auction catalogs, books, correspondence, and records. It is run by Washington University in St. Louis and funded by the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society. Of particular interest to VAM collectors looking into the workings of the mint is a collection of material from the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) containing mint records and correspondence from the U. S. Mint archives. These records are in the process of being scanned by Nicole Fry with NNP and Roger Burdette and are continually added to the site. Most of this material has not been read in modern times, so there is an unknown amount of information buried within these archives waiting to be brought to light.

The NARA records that may be of special interest to Morgan and Peace dollar collectors include

Record Group 104, Entry 1. Letters sent by the Director (later, Superintendent of the Philadelphia Mint after March 31, 1873).
Record Group 104, Entry 6. Letters sent by the Director 1866-1900. These are official presscopy letterbooks including many items not found in E-1 or E-235.
Record Group 104, Entry 11. Correspondence with Branch Mints and Assay Offices 1835-1898.
Record Group 104, Entry 17. Letters received by the Philadelphia Mint Superintendent from the Coiner 1877-1900. (Not yet digitized.)
Record Group 104, Entry 229. Letters received by the Director of the Mint 1873-1938.
Record Group 104, Entry 235. Letters sent by the Director of the Mint 1873-1938.
The NNP also contains thousands of searchable auction catalogs and periodicals that are either out of copyright or have been released to the NNP by the copyright holder, organized by publisher.