Hair Vee

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LVA uses the term "right hair vee" to include the area of the field behind the hair and the connected area between curls that extends upward and toward the left.
Hair Vee or Right Hair Vee is located due north above the 1st and 2nd Right stars and usually associated with U or S or T or US or ST or UST Clash with letter transfer from reverse
1881-O VAM-26A Clashed u & s.jpg
Left Hair Vee is located to right of designers initial north of 3rd date digit and is associated with either polish lines or "e" from reverse "WE" clashed letter transfer
NESVT20121006 1882P 29A 01.JPG

Obverse Features

Reverse Features
Coin Photography by Untitled-TrueColor-1xxx.jpgA.K.A Messydesk
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