1896-O VAM-25

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1896-O VAM-25 (Privately made) Later C4 reverse

Discovered by Brian Raines, May, 2010.
25(Privately made) (Later C4 reverse) (181)
Obverse - Date set slightly low at left edge of normal lateral position. Tiny raised dots at inside and outside of ear. RTY letters of LIBERTY are shallow with rounded edges. Two raised dots on rim side of fifth left star and one raised dot between rim and round dot between E-P. Diagonal find raised line in field above Phrygian cap, in field near edge of lower cap back and in field near hair edge above 89.
Reverse - Later C4 reverse type with wide wing-neck gap that was not used until 1900 thru 1904. O mint mark at normal height and upright. Raised bar at right outside of D in UNITED, below left T in Trust and at field above olive. Long vertical die scratch on eagle's right wing inner feathers, diagonal raised line between lower arrow heads and double vertical lines in field at eagle's right wing edge near S in STATES. Somewhat rounded fields where design meets field. Fine raised dots at DOL and AMERICA.


  1. Privately Made.


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Discovery piece xf PCGS 40