1893-O VAM-6

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1893-O VAM-6 Later C4 Reverse

Discovered 2014 by Ben Wengel
By Ben Wengel Article of 1903 O VAM-6 by NGC
6 (Privately made)(Later C4 Reverse) (181)
Obverse - Date at normal position. Tiny raised lumps at denticles above BU of PLURIBUS and raised dot at denticles between 2 & 3 left stars. Horizontal die crack of possible coin lamination to right of E and below PL in E PLURIBUS. N
Reverse - Later C4 reverse type with wide wing-neck gap that was not used until 1900 thru 1904. O mint mark tilted slightly left. Raised lumps at right outside of D in UNITED, raised dot above olive and double vertical lines at top of eagle's right wing below left S in STATES. Same die as used with 1896 O VAM-25 counterfeit. Metal content was sterling silver of 92.5% silver and the rest mainly copper instead of normal 90% silver and 10% copper of Morgan dollars.


  1. Privately made.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Dc morg 1893-O VAM-6 f dash.jpg

Full Coin Photos


DC 1 1893o VAM6 B obv.jpg
DC 1 1893o VAM6 A rev.jpg
DC 1 1893o VAM6 B rev.jpg
Dc morg 1893-O VAM-6 f obv.jpg
Dc morg 1893-O VAM-6 f rev.jpg